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Prerelease info/advertising an indie game

19 August 2013 - 11:19 AM


I am developing a game and I hope it will be ready soon. A question is in my mind: should I make a pre-release info? I saw a lot of advertising of big games, exactly games of big companies. Some of them are doing this years before the game is released (or planned to be released). This results in a crowd of gamers expecting something and their appetite is raising over the time. I saw also some indie developers doing that.

I am anxious about doing this because there is no way back once it started. Lets say game screenshots will give enough info for some original game aspects which could be stolen - could they once I made this like prerelease info?

In other hand I am totally exausted and cant share any info for years except with some people far away from this or some small pictures with some others. 

And also I dont know what is better when it is released. No doubt the most important thing is to be good quality, yes... But still I cant decide. I hope it is clear.



Cliches in RTS - what do you think about them?

01 March 2012 - 07:24 AM

Cliches doesnt mean it is bad, but lets see what do you think.
I just red a review about RTS game and as "cons" was mentioned that there is no Campain. I am usually skipping campains as they have limited researching tree or technologies or units and prefer "random maps" or "skirmishes".
Are there players, not RPG fans, but RTS fans, who think that RTS without campains is in bad situation?
Another cliche is the research tree and technology upgrades. Personally I think the development of a "race" could be possible even without research tree but maybe some people will be shocked when such are not presented.
I dont mean these things should be removed, but lets say a game is non-standard and is still RTS. What you can't miss in a RTS?

How to slow CPU power, used by the game?

10 November 2011 - 07:09 AM

Hi! I have Core2Duo and my current game is working well on it but when I tested it on my old PC it is too slow. I need to do a lot of experiments to make it faster but using the old one PC is not good idea due to many problems.

Does anybody know a way to reduce the power of the CPU used for speciphic application? Task manager allows to put the process in low priority and to use only 1 processor but it still runs normally.

P.S.I think I solved this

Machinegun's fire sound mess

06 June 2011 - 11:49 AM

Hi, I am working on 2d RTS and it has many machines, armed with machineguns. There is a problem, that I didn't expected and can't solve it yet. When few machines are firing at the same time, for example 9 machines, sounds make a total mess. What I hear is a brum. The more are MGs, the worse it is. I tryed to make it in 2 different ways:

1. Each bullet has a sound when it is fired if the mouse cursor is close (at distance X). That is once per bullet.

2. The mouse cursor plays sound (only one at a time) when it is close to the bullet when it was just fired. That is once per bullet too.

Also the sound in these both cases is lowered when the mouse is in range X+n. I watched many games and still can't find a way to solve that. I am using gamemaker if that is important.

Automation in selling games

21 October 2010 - 01:47 AM

Hi, I am interesting in very speciphic theme. I will try to sell my games in my site (via Paypal). As a consumer I know how unpleasant is to wait for responce from the owner/publisher/developer. How do people sell their games (and other products) so when the consumer hits "buy" the process is started?
Maybe it has simple solution but I don't have an idea. Is there some automation solution or I will have to check every hour 24 hours per day is there anybody who paid for the game and I have to send to him the unlock code?
I am interesting in somekind of solutions where software or some other 3rd company will do that instead of me. Just can't imagine staying 24 in home infront the PC (well actually I am doing it now).