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Windows PowerShell is the greatest ever

29 October 2014 - 03:45 PM

Windows PowerShell is the greatest language ever. It's like Windows batch, except it's not!! It's like .NET and linux bash had a baby, and stuck it within all the greatest operating system ever made, Windows Vista and every version that came after it, including Windows ME and Microsoft SAM.

The language that has a greek-sounding name can't even compete, because it's a language mainly aimed for stone aged GUI software and business related software. How boring! In PowerShell, all you need to do is open the run dialog and enter "powershell", and you'll have access to all of .NET's library at your fingertips! Can that foreign-sounding language do the equivalent? Nope! You have to load a crufty development environment, that takes FOREVER to load, and it costs money, too. I'm also broke and have got things to do, and software and games to write very fastly so I can get EVEN MORE money!!

Sure, PowerShell's not as fast as compiled .NET or as delicious as gyros, and the syntax can be a little strange sometimes, but at least you can take command and batch files like nobody's business! If you really needed the optymizations, you could use .NET compiler directly, and feed C#, VB.NET, or even LISP into .NET's own compiler class! Wow, what a bargain -- it's like 3 languages in one! Not only that, PowerShell also features a DEBUGGER (free of propaganda) to help you help me help you find your bugs faster!

With all of these capabilities combined, you can write ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO.
Also, how long will it take a handful of people to write "World of Worldcraft" in PowerShell? I have GDI+ and a wooden spoon.


The Calling Conventions of gamdev.net Members

03 October 2014 - 05:14 PM

Name a calling convention after yourself or a fellow gamedev member!

Your calling convention must:
  • Begin with double underscore
  • Contain "call"
  • Describe a behavior of yourself or another member of the forum (past or present)
  • Not aim to offend
The list so far:
// Author: L. Spiro
// Performs most fastest call ever, forcibly implementing perfectly optimized 
// quantum computing even on machines incapable of such a thing.

// Author: L. Spiro
// Usually effective, sometimes tentacle-rapes young girls.

// Author: yoshi_lol
// Supports 22 registers

// Author: fastcall22
// Disables any attached debugger and trashes the stack with propaganda about
// optymizations and debuggers, if a debugger was detected

// Author: fastcall22
// Poisons every function with __fastcall, because it has the word
// 'fast' in it, so that must make the program run EVEN faster-er

// Author: L. Spiro
// Asks for advice before every call, ignores advice and calls the wrong function.

This chat, apparently, is a gigantic coding horror

30 September 2014 - 01:17 PM

So lots of little quirks about the chat.
Some people here discovered some time ago that typing the message "=A=" gives "__E&E__". Well, isn't that just the cutest little thing?

Today, I found out why.
I noticed when inspecting network requests to and from the chat, that "=" gets transformed into "__E__"
Hey, that's curious... looks a bit like an HTML entity would, doesn't it?

Sure enough, it seems a small handful of HTML entities are translated:
input output
__A__  &
__PS__ +
__C__  ,
__E__  =
So the original string, "=A=", expands to "__E__A__E__", but for some reason, "__A__" is replaced first, thus giving the strange "__E&E__". However, "__A__E__A__" is correctly contracted to "&E&".
This gives me the terrible feeling that someone somewhere is chaining string replace on the message like so:
message = message
... which doesn't make sense, since both PHP and javascript have a callback for regular expression replace:
$replacements = [
    "__A__" => "&", # or html equivalent
    "__PS__" => "+",
    "__C__" => ",",
    "__E__" => "="

preg_replace($message,"/__[A-Z]{1,2}__/g",function ($match) use(&$replacements) {
    return @$replacements[$match] ?: $match;

Sooo... wtf, IPS.

Fastcall22 tries to install SQL on Ubuntu Server

12 July 2014 - 09:11 PM

fastcall22: MySQL is to SQL as MSVC is to C++.
fastcall22: eah, it's either mariadb or postgresql..
fastcall22: i'd like to have either postgre or maria on our work server, but i haven't had time to do it
fastcall22: i should spent tomorrow in sandbox practicing installing them both ...
Bacterius: picturing fastcall in a literal sandbox with a laptop and a plastic shovel

Challenge accepted.


How do I draw hands, even?

Seinfeld on debuggers

08 July 2014 - 05:24 PM

What's the deal with all the debugger propaganda?
And why is there so much of it?


You have a problem with a software rasterizer, you see.
And you know those types of people writing their own rasterizers; they're the kind of people that like to take a hot iron to their own flesh for fun.

Anyways, you have this problem. You go to gamedev with a thread and you ask a very simple question. A simple question that even a child could answer. A code dump and a "why isn't this working?".

And then comes the first reply: "Have you checked your debugger?"
Oh boy, here we go. They've really done it now.


Who are you to tell me what tools to use?
How do you know that a debugger didn't killed my father? Hmm?
And why is everyone but me so blinded to the truth?

And then comes the next reply: "Have you done any basic research?"
Oh boy, now they've really dug their own grave.
It's like they don't even read the code. The optymizations should be proof enough that I've done all the research I can.

And that's why there's all this debugger propaganda.

This thread is dedicated to my all time favorite member of gamedev: Seinfeld.