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Rendering Systems > ShaderMap 2.0.7 Update

Posted 20 August 2012

The latest update of ShaderMap brings improved normal to displacment conversion with additional controls for contrast and height. There are other new features as well including linear magnification on preview image controls, additional zoom controls, and a map control button to refresh source images from...

Rendering Systems > Blending Normal Maps

Posted 31 July 2012

ShaderMap 2 currently implements overlay and detail oriented methods (called pure rotation in SM2) for painting normals. I may do a write up of the SM2 blending modes and maths behind them in the future.

In the meantime here is a really great article I found on blending a detail normal map with a base normal map....

Rendering Systems > Woody3D Discontinued

Posted 17 July 2012

I'll just post what I wrote on the woody3d.com website, then I'll explain...

"Woody3D was developed by Neil Kemp at Rendering Systems Inc. as an inexpensive solution for developers to bring fully animated trees and foliage to their applications and engines. Woody3D was discontinued in July 2012....

Rendering Systems > ShaderMap 2 SDK Tutorial - Creating Maps

Posted 16 July 2012

Each map in ShaderMap 2 is a plugin. The plugin is a Windows DLL with the file extension .smp. To create a map plugin you will need to download the ShaderMap 2 SDK. http://shadermap.com/downloads/ As of this tutorial I am using version 2.0.5. You will also need Visual Studio 2008 - 2010.

Once you have the SDK...

Rendering Systems > ShaderMap 2.0.5 Update

Posted 10 July 2012

A new version of ShaderMap 2 is now available for download. This version brings bug fixes, new features, and options.
Some of the new features include:

Support for OBJ quads
Lockable and savable source maps
Optimized GPU usage
Option to override tile types for source maps
Option to set default geometry for projects
A V Brush vector...