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In Topic: Woody3D Tree Engine

16 November 2010 - 03:21 AM

Licensing is simple.

Pay $300 to gain access to the library and tools. This $300 includes a free INDY license to use when registering your first product.

For every additional product you release - purchase and register an INDY license.

In Topic: Woody3D Tree Engine

15 November 2010 - 06:31 AM

Does it support grass/ground foliage ?

What about integrated support for imposters/instancing ?

Grass is not supported at the moment. Billboards are also not integrated in the first version. Download the Evaluation kit and run the API example to play with the features and level-of-detail.

In Topic: Woody3D Tree Engine

15 November 2010 - 05:43 AM

Woody3D Now Available

The Woody3D website is now online. You can now log in to download the Woody3D Tech Demo and the Evaluation kit with demo app and sample source code.

Woody3D offers:
  • Fully animated real-time trees and plants

  • Fast level-of-detail for distant tree rendering

  • Modeling tools for creating and modifying trees

  • Cross platform 32/64 bit libraries for Windows and OS X

  • An ever expanding catalog of tree and plant models

  • Affordable and flexible licensing

Visit http://woody3d.com for more details. Licensing information is available at http://woody3d.com/license/

In Topic: Woody3D Tree Engine

04 November 2010 - 04:28 PM

Thanks for all the encouragement! [smile]

You've got a nice thing there, though I didn't see any information in your page regarding licensing, are you planning any more information soon?

You should put a link to the video in your post here, someone might miss it on your journal page.
Yes, licensing information will be released soon. You could follow me on twitter so you don't miss any updates. @renderingsys

Watch video at the YouTube Channel

Does this support DirectX, or is it limited to OpenGL?
It is API independent. DirectX and OpenGL. The Woody3D API gives client access to the geometry and provides vertex shaders in HLSL and GLSL. The library is written in cross-platform C++ and will be available at first for OS X and Windows though it could easily be ported to other platforms.

Very cool!, Reminds me of Oblivion. Now give us some damn licensing information! :D
[lol] Jeeez ok I get it. Thank you. Yes licensing information is coming soon. I promise.