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#5249232 Normal Map Photography with ShaderMap 3

Posted by on 27 August 2015 - 03:24 PM

I've written a tutorial on how to take photographs of a static object and convert them to normal maps and albedo/diffuse maps with ShaderMap 3.

The basics of the tutorial are:

  • Setup your camera to take static photos of the object.
  • Photograph the object four times each lighted from a different direction.
  • Bring the photos into ShaderMap 3 using the Normal from Photos template.
  • View the results in real-time and make changes to intensity.

Read the entire tutorial here: Normal Map Photography | ShaderMap Tutorials






Learn more about ShaderMap at: http://shadermap.com


#5238952 Drawing a Normal Map for an Existing Texture - ShaderMap Tutorial

Posted by on 08 July 2015 - 04:49 AM

Tutorial demonstrating how to draw a tangent space normal map for an existing texture map.




This tutorial shows how to use a combination of Normal Editor and Map Generation skills to draw a custom normal map for an existing texture map. Before starting you should ensure that you have at least ShaderMap version 3.0.3 installed. In this example we will be drawing a normal map for an analog pressure gauge.



Here are some images from the tutrorial:








View additional ShaderMap Tutorials at the home page: http://shadermaptutorials.com/


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