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A deeper way of representing opinions of NPCs

25 March 2016 - 02:50 AM

I'm trying to think of a good way of calculating/showing an NPCs opinion of someone else (whether that be another npc or the player).


Games like Crusader Kings use a plus/minus of reasons but it can feel shallow


+50 - Has a nice face

-50 - Tried to kill me


Doesn't quite represent truly the complex relationships and opinions humans can have.


I thought of having several of these in one. For example one measurement of how much they like you personally, a measurement of how much they like what you do, a measurement of how much they agree with actions you've taken.




Personality opinion: +5 Friendly, - 10 Short temper

Actions opinion: -10 Insulted me


But I'm looking for a nicer solution that just more numbers.


Any ideas or suggestions?

The Sims: Better relationship measurement

09 May 2015 - 12:16 AM

In the Sims your characters has relationships with other characters.


This relationship is measure from -100 to +100 based on the actions you do.


I'd love to discuss a more complex design where relationships aren't simply a number but something much more meaningful but I'm at a loss for ideas on how a system like this would work.

What Do You Love or Hate About On-Rail Shooters?

17 February 2013 - 02:12 AM

I've got an idea for an on-rails shooter (not like Starfox, more like House of the Dead arcade style); for those who have played this games what did you like and what didn't you like, what kind of features would you like to see in these kind of games?

Being Immortal, Can it be Fun?

06 December 2012 - 03:44 AM

So I was thinking about Batman: Arkham Asylum and how fantastic that game and it's sequel are.

Then it made me wonder, could a Superman game ever be fun? There have been attempts but none ever successful (some of you, like me, might have painful memories of Superman 64?).

Can playing as Superman, or any similar character who is basically unbeatable, be fun? You wouldn't have a life bar and there'd never be a game over; how could we as game designers make this fun?

More efficient alternative to compare booleans?

08 October 2012 - 11:21 PM

Say I have many booleans, for simplicity sake I will called them A, B, C and D.

so my code if:
[source lang="cpp"]if(A && B && C && D){doSomething();}else if(A && B && C)//but NOT D{doSomethingElse();}else if(A && B && D)//but NOT C{doSomethingElseElse();}else if(B && C)//but NOT D or A[/source]
and this will continue onward for all possiblites (what if only A is true, none are true etc etc etc).

I know a switch statement could be used but that'd be just as long.

Is there a better way of doing this?