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The SeaVax Journal > On mice and scripting

Posted 12 December 2013

So the game server has been ported to linux (debian). Unfortunately, the networking code took the most changing, and as a result, it is throwing a complete fit. So, that's a thing.

So, a big focus in the past week is scripting. Particularly, built-in scripting for the server, and remote scripting. I've written a command line tool for integrating communic...

The SeaVax Journal > initialCommit()

Posted 08 August 2013

Seavax is my current project to develop a multi-player, turn-based strategy game with a focus on world exploration, discovery, building, and conquering.

Here are some of the main games that gave me the thoughts of "hey, this would be a cool idea to play around with"
Freeciv : (The Freeciv project)
--- Underlying client-server code design...