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Armageddon, a Missile Command clone

17 October 2010 - 11:19 PM

I've been working on this game for about a week now. This is a clone of Missile Command, written in Ruby using the Gosu library.

Here's a screenshot.

Hosted by imgur.com

Here's a video.

Here's a download for Windows. You can run it on Linux and OS X as well, so if anyone wants to, I'll write some directions on how to get it working.

This download is version 0.2. Everything is implemented, but the gameplay is unbalanced. After some play testing, I have to go back and make the levels get harder in a meaningful way. The next version (0.3, or possibly 1.0) will have balanced gameplay and high score screens (possibly online high scores).

Most of the art is borrowed (with permission) from others. The UFO/lampshade I did myself, anyone want to replace it? Sounds are generated using SFXR.

A finished game, plus fighting windmills

14 November 2009 - 05:50 AM

I've tried to make games many times in the past, but I have a problem: I see windmills as giants. I suspect many people here have this problem. When you see every windmill as a giant, it's hard not to get lost fighting giants and forget the task at hand. So, my finished game. I decided to use XNA, so I gave myself a crash course in C# and XNA. I don't know all of what XNA has to offer yet, so it's not using all the features. The game is nothing spectacular. It was finished mostly in a single sitting, so it's nothing terribly elaborate either. Also, most of the content was ripped from other things, so I didn't spend much time on that. Haggar goes to the beach only to find it's raining golden rings! Make Haggar catch as many rings as possible in 1 minute. Haggar was ripped from Final Fight (arcade version). The rings are from a Sonic game (not sure which one). The background is from a random google image search. The music is a chiptune from HSVC, most likely a Rob Hubbard tune. The sound effects I made myself. You can download the game here. I'm particularly interested to know if this installer works on your computers, and which OS you're running. Comments about the game itself are welcome as well, but as this is just a simple game to test XNA out I didn't give much attention to the game itself.

The ultimate hack - Guitar hero for Commodore 64

14 March 2008 - 06:33 AM

This is just completely awesome.