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In Topic: Week of Awesome IV - The after party/judging thread

Today, 06:30 PM

Reading about and watching playthroughs of many of the games after-the-fact did help to underline some aspects of strategy in many of them that I didn't uncover myself. Some of the difficult in discovering these more hidden aspects of the game is to be expected, after all you only had a week and that kind of first-experience polish is (and generally shouldn't be) high on the priority list for that time frame. It did make me wonder if including a video as part of the contest submission might be a good idea next time around. It would probably mean we'd need to drop the FTUE judging category, but it might make it easier overall for the judges to really see some of the full potential of each entry.




a 'fast' blob that moves in long straight paths and can't turn until he collides with something


Were these guys were supposed to get introduced in the supercollider level? 

Doesn't mean you need to drop it, it does raise the barrier for the category though.

In Topic: Week of Awesome IV - The after party/judging thread

27 August 2016 - 10:46 AM

I'm very pleased with the scoring our game got! I'm also very satisfied with the amount we were able to accomplish, and don't think I could've pulled off much better.

While we only got 7th place, it's obvious that our game wasn't scored badly (we got excellent scores), just that other competitors' games were slightly better.


Next year I'll know where to invest more effort: sabotage.  :lol:


Thanks for the enjoyable competition, slicer, and thanks for the judging effort, monsieur judges!

Having judged last year, I know that judging can be just as exhausting as actually competing.

I stayed out of these threads so that I viewed all of the games only when they were done and had no preconceptions about any of the games :) Dmatters game just instantly grabbed me and felt like a complete game, I was also extremely impressed with the stellar salvage one, but to all who competed I am surprised of the quality level generated in a week. You should all be proud of yourselves.

In Topic: Week of Awesome IV - The after party/judging thread

26 August 2016 - 05:57 PM


I have a question for my fellow participants:
What are you happiest about regarding your part in the competition? (Bearing in mind that the judging isn't yet in.) This could be anything--a social matter (such as getting to work with a particular person), a feature that you successfully implemented, a game-design choice that you feel worked very well, a terrible bug that you managed to squash, etc.

Compared to last year I am just happy that I got a game in at all. Actually I am pleased with my take on the themes; I spent the entirety of the Monday just trying to come up with ideas for games against the 4 themes, so it certainly wasn't just a flash of inspiration. I know that if I don't come up with an idea that I'm 100% behind then it will be difficult to commit a week of my life to it. Now, whether the judges will like my take on the themes or not remains to be seen.

As far as I can think right now, my game (Gamut of Blob) is the only entry to tackle both the gameplay themes (shadows and evolution) - I do apologize if I am forgetting somebody's game here. But maybe that'll set my game apart in some small way? Or maybe it was a risky decision? In any case I think it's an interesting mix and I am happy with how they turned out.


I actually liked your game a lot and I think if you add a few more levels to the game you could easily put this on a phone or PC to be played by people :)

In Topic: Unexpectedly horrible optimization. VS2015. x64 target.

22 August 2016 - 03:06 AM

Why are you looking at the asm code, because it seems clear that you are not coding in that code? Can you post your source code so we can have a look at that and potentially spot the mistake in that.

Remeber that the compiler also has to be able to generate 32bit code where you only have eax, ebx, ecx and edx as general purpose registers, so some paths in the optimiser might still be using that code.

In Topic: Week of Awesome IV - The after party/judging thread

16 August 2016 - 03:27 PM

So far I have played all the games you guys have made, at this point I have only done a quick play to see if they all work and if I can pick them up without any knowledge about your games. I am very impressed with how much was achieved in a week time of making a game.