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In Topic: Underspire - A 2D dungeon crawl

Yesterday, 05:56 PM

It looks quite cool, I really like your monster design. You are hereby permitted to post pictures in this forum ;)


That is just a general rule of thumb: People already clicked once to see this page. Don't expect them to click twice to also see your game. And you even have gifs ready, so why don't you show them?

In Topic: Steamworks <16?

Yesterday, 11:56 AM

In Denmark at least you can't transfer a sole trader company, you'll need to create an LLC if you wish to transfer ownership. Here a sole trader business is just an extension of yourself. Not something you can transfer or sell.


I would suggest you to get one of your parents to register a company, there should be an option for creating a company for free (I know most countries have that at least). Then they can transfer it back to you later. Also if you live near a big town, there should be some incubators or just a general startup/inventor community, where I think you would be able to find someone willing to give you some advice :) (but try not to give them the rights to your company, better to have that with your own parents (assuming you can trust them..))

In Topic: New Cryengine/Unity/Unreal 3rd/2nd/1st person shooter

Yesterday, 06:21 AM

I don't mean to be rude, but it has to be said: This will NOT happen!


You sound like a very reflective individual, and if you can transfer you passion for making HUGE worlds into perfecting individual scenes, I definitely think you can get on the right track fast. I think a game like Life is Strange lies very close to your vision. The game is not open world, the story is quite linear, your actions are very limited (you almost feel like a confused teenage girl), it mainly only plays with a single mechanic (besides walking and talking). yet the world is so completely full of stories about every single character, and they managed to incorporate the core mechanic into the constant feeling of not knowing what the right choice is. Here is a link to the credits of the game, so you can see the size of a team needed for such a relatively short and linear story: http://www.giantbomb.com/life-is-strange/3030-47342/credits/ 


You should start by looking into doing a vertical slice of the game. Find the most interesting two minutes of your game, and make only that part. Once you've done that, you have something to show to investors and publishers, so you can get money to do a full game.


I do not consider your idea stated above as a full game. It is a symbiosis of all the games and concepts you like, but you don't mention how they will play together. If you insist on doing everything, you should start by doing a feature matrix, where you compare EVERY concept with EVERY concept and write a few sentences about how they should work together.

In Topic: where to find models ?

Yesterday, 05:51 AM

I can also recommend the Unity Asset Store, they have a lot of free stuff and even more cheap stuff in there.

In Topic: Can I write a browser game only using Java?

26 May 2016 - 08:17 PM


Are you saying that this is an okay way to go about this, converting a Java game into different languages using GWT, or should I just suck it up and learn JS + HTML?


If you're doing web stuff, you're not going to stay away from JS and HTML, regardless of what you use. GTW is one way that allows you to leverage what you already know. You tell me if you want to do that, or learn something new from scratch, or pick something else.



You should be perfectly fine developing the full game in Java using LibGDX. Yes the final code will be compiled to javascript and put on an HTML page, but you do not need to do this yourself. Using other languages to compile to javascript is a growing trend, and there is even a subset of javascript (asm.js) design to run compiled code faster.


It is perfectly common not wanting to do javascript :) and if you mainly care about getting your game out there, you don't need to learn new technologies for now. I did this game fully in Unity and exported to WebGL http://pew.dk/void/ Unity is not known for having a great WebGL export pipeline, so I can only imagine it would run more smooth in LibGDX.


I don't know the current state of networking in LibGDX, and if you are using browser specific features you might need to write a plugin in javascript for that, but for most use cases you should be absolutely fine without.


And just so it's clear: Applets are perfectly fine if you don't want people to play your game ;)