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In Topic: 2D Platformer: Choosing a physics engine

Yesterday, 09:43 AM

Randy, thank you for the detailed responses!  I read the whole thing and will re-read.  Seems like using a kinematic body would solve a lot of problems.  However, it would not allow physics bodies to push the player (like in the Trine 2 link I posted above), correct?  That's probably ok for most people though.


That is an instance where rolling your own physics might make things easier.  Part of the physics is doing raycasts to make sure your objects don't penetrate the level by moving them until they don't touch.  Doing the same checks against a moving enemy will push them away from said enemy. 


There is nothing wrong with using Box2D to handle collisions but if you want a 'realistic' platformer that behaves like most people are familiar with then then you should do the movement yourself.  Real physics make the characters a bit floaty and off because the movement is familiar.

In Topic: don't get too comfortable

22 May 2015 - 06:44 PM

Of course, the biggest issue is you can't see the real world... so while I've got 95% of my Elite keys mapped across my joystick setup sometimes I need the keyboard for things.. also I tend to have a drink on the desk... dry.png


If they could figure out some way to have several front mounted cameras project an overlay of the outside world I think it would go a long way in VR acceptance.  The constant having to take the headset on and off is a pain for the user and really sucks for developers.

In Topic: don't get too comfortable

20 May 2015 - 09:28 AM

A guy from work is already pretty hard in to VR but he was at SVVR and said the Valve Vive completely destroys the current Occulus.  I'm sure VR will won't be super wide spread because of having to wear a headset and needing a fairly beefy system.  But I have a hard time thinking that Valve and Sony will just let VR fail.  Samsung has some very high level executives involved with GearVR.  I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be wasting their time if they didn't see at least some profit in it.  It would not surprise me if Half Life 3 came to the Vive first.


Personally I think AR has more of a chance of being super widespread then VR.

In Topic: Applying for multiple roles in the same studio

17 May 2015 - 10:32 AM

Most companies aren't going to hire engine or graphics programmers without experience in the field.  Core mechanics are too important to give to somebody who doesn't have any demonstrable professional experience.  Go for the gameplay job since that is something you have experience with.  After you have had the job for a couple of months and have proved you can do your job and have gotten to know the various leads see if they have any small tasks you can do.  Once you have proved you can do that see about getting a sideways promotion out of gameplay.

In Topic: How does Clash of Clans (mobile) keep track of timing?

17 May 2015 - 12:36 AM

When you minimize or quit the game a message is sent to the server saying that you just logged off.  Next time you start the game the server figures out how much time has passed since you logged off and does whatever it needs to do.  This is pretty typical of any 'MMO' type mobile game.