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Ep's tool-dev diary > Translucency maps

Posted 15 April 2016

A while ago I fiddled a bit with an offline translucency technique as discussed here: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/653094-baking-a-local-thickness-map/ . Never officially made it part of the baking pipeline, even though it should only be a small extension - still just flip and ray test those normals. 
Though instead of averaging all samp...

Ep's tool-dev diary > Renderer bells and whistles

Posted 31 March 2016

Hello again, 
Updated my lightmapper to bake full indirect diffuse as opposed to only an ambient occlusion term. It now also captures a viewpoint dependent occlusion mask that lets the environment cast a silhouette onto any reflective surfaces: 
Also added a 'bias & gain' option to the m...

Ep's tool-dev diary > Bokeh to the Future

Posted 17 March 2016

Wasted an entire week trying to salvage this plan I had for a new depth of field shader. To up the performance, I came up with this really awkward mipmapping scheme, because for some reason I was convinced the weighted blending filter needed wasn't separable. A few minutes reconsidering this just now and it turns out a two pass method is perfect...

Ep's tool-dev diary > Cloud.gen

Posted 24 October 2015


Something I've vowed several times I'd never do again: hand-paint a skybox .

The outdoor cloud-ish type specifically:


Painting clouds is all fun and fulfilling, until you need to fill out a full 360 degree view with dozens of them.

I preferred to draw a cloud scene as a spherical environment map;...

Ep's tool-dev diary > A billion chimneys and more CSG fun

Posted 21 March 2015

The thing with architecture is that so much about it is up to whim and any procedural creation algorithm needs to be guided by a large amount of rules and grammars before it'll know how to churn out any remotely useable pieces of real-estate.

I got to the point where I could generate objects similar to these: http://www.dynamique.nl/grow/pst/render024_sy...