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Under Development Law @ GDNet > What Happens When You Don’t Have a Written Agreement: [Part 2, Real Life Application]

Posted 24 January 2012

This article is the second part of a two part series. Please refer to Part 1, Contract Basics, if some terms or examples seem unclear.


Under Development Law @ GDNet > Defender’s Quest Released!

Posted 24 January 2012

Game Developer and Under Development Law client Level Up Labs recently launched their latest title Defender’s Quest for PC and digital distribution. If you’re a fan of tower defense and RPGs (two of my favorite genres) you should enjoy this title. Check...

Under Development Law @ GDNet > The Internet Blacklist Bill FAQ

Posted 20 January 2012

A lot of congress’ time lately has gone to drafting, revising, and negotiating legislation that in some way shape or form controls America’s ability to access content on the Internet. You have likely heard about SOPA, PIPA, and maybe even OPEN—but how does this legislation apply to game developers, and why have these pieces of legislation created such...

Under Development Law @ GDNet > Rolling blackouts

Posted 18 January 2012

As you probably know, many sites will black out tomorrow in protest of Senate Bill 968, or PIPA (Protect IP Act). Since this site is supported by WordPress (one of the companies protesting PIPA/SOPA), we may be down too. Being against SOPA/PIPA, I’m okay with that. Being trapped in a snow storm while all this is happening… Well, I’ll find...

Under Development Law @ GDNet > What Happens When You Don’t Have a Written Agreement: [Part 1, Contract Basics]

Posted 12 January 2012

It’s a common event—people decide to collaborate on a project without putting anything in writing. Ideally, the fact that there’s no written agreement won’t cause a problem; after all, you’ve decided to work together and hopefully the hiccups you come across won’t be...