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Gamieon's Journal > Generating BoxColliders for PicaVoxel-imported objects in Unity3D

Posted 21 September 2016

Recently I downloaded MagicaVoxel which lets you create and modify blocky objects, and bought PicaVoxel which lets you import them into Unity3D projects. The purpose was twofold: to help my friend Highsight develop his first game, and to have access to powerful tools in case I ever wanted to make a voxel art game. Highsight claimed difficulties with...

Gamieon's Journal > Gamieon: Ten years, One Programmer

Posted 15 January 2015

Though I've dabbled in game development since the late 1980's, it wasn't until October 26, 2004 that I incorporated Gamieon for fun, adventure, and maybe even a little profit. It's a part-time studio owned by myself and an investor who helps me cover expenses. Together we're the only employees of Gamieon. I do all the programming, releases, website mainte...

Gamieon's Journal > How I synchronized a simple rigidbody across network players with UE4

Posted 09 December 2014

The Issue

I'm developing an online soccer game for UE4 which you can get from http://github.com/Gamieon/UBattleSoccerPrototype for now. During game play, the soccer ball can be in one of two states: Freely moving; or in possession. When freely moving, the ball moves by physics simulation. When in possession, the ball is always in front of the posse...

Gamieon's Journal > How I sometimes fix crashes running my Unreal 4 game in DebugGame mode

Posted 18 November 2014

Yesterday my game started crashing out of the blue. The output window had content that resembled this snippet from https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/132817/attachment-replication-crashes-client-in-451.html :

[ 79]LogOutputDevice:Warning: Script Stack:Actor.OnRep_AttachmentReplicationAssertion failed: !bRegistered || AttachParent->Attach...

Gamieon's Journal > My first Unreal Editor Soccer AI Simulation

Posted 15 September 2014

Though I'm still new to the Unreal Editor and behavior trees, I wanted to create a primitive soccer simulation for a game I'm prototyping. You can get the code in its current form at:


Getting Started

The first part of my journey was learning how "Blueprints" work in the Unreal Editor. I consider...