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Domino Arena now available for the PC and mobile tablets!

01 December 2013 - 01:40 PM

Download Links:


Attached File  gamejolt.png   902bytes   10 downloads     Attached File  kongregate.png   1.1KB   11 downloads


Attached File  appstorebadge_sm.png   5.54KB   11 downloads     Attached File  googleplay.png   4KB   9 downloads


  • App Store requires iPad 2 or better
  • Google Play requires Android Tablet with Gingerbread or better


Domino Arena is a competitive game where you have sixty seconds to make as many dominoes your color as possible. In each level is a path of falling dominoes, each one colored by the player who owns that domino. When dominoes fall onto other dominoes, they become the same color. You have only a minute to make as many dominoes your color as possible by creating new paths for them to fall, and by blocking paths that your opponent is using.


When you’re not playing against the computer, you can play against up to three other people around the web on GameJolt and Kongregate, or around the kitchen table with the upgraded edition on your iPad or Android tablet!


Domino Arena also posts your score on global leaderboards so you can compete against other players. The more you play, the higher you can rank!

Features in the PC and upgraded tablet versions include:

  • Brilliant graphics and music
  • 20 levels
  • Global leaderboards
  • Multi-player support


The non-upgraded tablet version includes support for 12 levels and single-player only.

If you’re up for playing a fun, challenging game the likes of which you've never played before, then Domino Arena is the game for you!



Domino Arena Alpha

07 October 2013 - 05:46 PM

Hey all! I'm looking for people to try out the single-player alpha version of my party game "Domino Arena." I've never developed or played anything exactly like it before, so I'm curious to see what everyone thinks.
You can play it on the web at:
This version has eight levels that play in a rotation; you can skip a level at any time and you can replay the same one over again whether you win or lose. The first several levels are 1v1 against a bot, and in the rest you take on up to four bots.
I would really appreciate feedback on everything about the game, most importantly whether you enjoyed playing it or not. What do you think of the game play? Too easy, too hard, too overwhelming or just plain boring? What about the graphics? Do you think the music is appropriate, and what would you recommend otherwise?
If things go well I'll probably wrap it up by implementing a proper level navigation system, doing minor graphical tweaks, adding more intricate levels and online play. If things don't go well, I'll do it anyway because I need more practice developing network games.
Here are some screenshots:
Attached File  intro1.png   467.09KB   9 downloads Attached File  l1.png   306.09KB   13 downloads Attached File  l5.png   736.39KB   9 downloads Attached File  l7.png   497.4KB   8 downloads

Hamster Chase for iOS + Android

15 January 2013 - 06:40 AM

My third mobile game, Hamster Chase, is now available for Android and iOS! Hamster Chase mixes puzzle-solving, fun boss battles and “just-right” challenge in a polished, addictive mobile game for all ages!





Hamster Chase is the story of a family of happy hamsters trying to make their way home while on the run from evil Sour Puss. Help Sasha, Goldie, Snowflake and Ting-Ting follow the trail of seeds by guiding them around obstacles in 100 challenging levels! Avoid the holes, dodge the flying balls, run from the spinning tops, veer away from the vacuums, and even do battle with Sour Puss himself using spring-loaded boxing gloves! It even comes with a *virtual hamster cage* (you have to unlock it in the iOS free version though)!

Feature List

  • Control by tilting your device!
  • Colorful, cartoony graphics
  • 100 levels
  • Interactive hamster cage
  • Facebook and Twitter integration


As with my other two games, I worked on this alone except for having Meta3D studios help me with the art, and I got the sound assets from AudioJungle. I hope you enjoy it!


iOS Full - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hamster-chase/id564548708?ls=1&mt=8
iOS Free - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hamster-chase-free/id589696453?ls=1&mt=8
Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamieon.hamsterchase

More Screens:

2.png 3.png 4.png 6.png 7.png 8.png



If you don't have a mobile device, you can still play with the hamsters in the Virtual Hamster Cage at http://www.gamieon.com/hammys !



Random Puzzle Generation for Physics

08 October 2011 - 08:41 AM

A while ago I wrote a physics puzzle game "Dominoze", complete with level builder, where in each level you rearrange world objects (some with dominoes resting on them) in a way that results in all the dominoes being lined up to where you could knock down the first one and all of them would fall. You can see it at dominoze.com and I have a thumbnail of a puzzle being solved to try to explain it visually:

Posted Image

I'm investigating the prospect of being able to randomly generate puzzles at an initially simple but scalable level. The objects to work with include:

  • A set of geometric primitives (floors, boxes, cylinders, inclines, stairs)
  • Lasers and mirrors
  • Simple pulleys
  • Circuits and batteries
  • Gears
  • Wind power and mini-blimps (ties into circuits)
  • Marbles and marble tracks
  • Dominoes

The way I figure things, a puzzle should be expressible as a tree where each node has a solution whereby all of its dominoes are adjacent, and the solution is dictated by actions of itself(?) and its children. In the picture above, the puzzle is actually pretty basic: You have four objects, and you have to figure out where they go. So you'd have a tree with one root node and four leaf nodes. Once the leaves are all solved by the objects being placed in the gaps, the root node is thereby solved and you can knock over the first domino to win the game. Of course there's the matter of how to physically build the puzzle. You could have countless puzzles that are solved by having four gaps filled in with key objects. I'm drawing a blank on where to begin there so far because there's so much to consider: Things like differences in altitude when stairs get involved, the fact that puzzles are not straight lines but wind about and have intersections, deciding how random generation outcomes dictate undefined parts of the set or should be bounded by existing parts of the set, etc.

A friend of mine suggested I look into "L-Systems" (L-system on Wikipedia). I haven't looked at it yet, so I'll check it out and see if that gets me anywhere.

If anyone is aware of existing tech or articles that could accomplish random physics puzzle generation like this, let me know! Otherwise I may reply to myself if I find things to help other developers who stumble upon this thread.

How does an Indie "break" into the iOS market?

12 July 2011 - 06:56 PM

I guess my first question is this: Is this the appropriate forum for someone to ask for advice on marketing an iPhone/iPad game before and after the App Store submission?

I'll be releasing a game onto the App Store soon, but I'm a much better developer than a salesperson. After following advice at


and using this site as a road map:


I did announce the project's development to a score of websites and offered my share of ad-hoc builds and future promo codes...but I've hardly gotten any responses. I'm not sure what steps to take next between now and the App Store submission. So, two questions:

- What is a "media partner" and how do I get one?
- Are there any iPhone game developers here who can give me any sagely advice on marketing? It's one thing to get a link to a webpage with advice, but chatting with some devs who have had experience would really be enlightening. I also watched a video from GDC about it; it helped a bit but I'm still largely in the dark.

Hope to hear back from someone; until then, the Google searches and Apple forums lurking will continue.