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The new Candy's Space Mysteries trial version are completed

30 September 2015 - 08:09 AM

Hi everybody from gamedev.net,


I'm creating this game since

early May 2015.


Candy's Space Mysteries:

Missions on the

Blue Planet.


Better space simulation, greater

terrains and more !


Official game download Website:



Official game general Website:



Official Indie Developer Website:




Candy's Space Adventures v7.75 launched successfully!

06 January 2015 - 04:43 AM

Hi everyone,
Lately, I finalised the
last version of:
Candy's Space Adventures
The Messages from
the Lillians.
Everything in this game seems
to be working properly.

Here is the download Link:
- Download Here( Softpedia ) -
Recently, I'm presently looking for new
ideas for a new project callen:
Candy's Space Mysteries
Missions on the

Blue Planet.
In these missions we would have to save the Earth
and many planets of the Milky Way
( like Mars and Venus ).
Resolve the multiple mysteries
of these planets before you
return to your Candy
World Homeland.
Xilvan Design

Candy's Space Adventures v3.01 from Xilvan Design coming soon!

14 February 2014 - 10:50 AM

Hi everyone,


Since February 2012, I was creating Candy to the Space,

then Candy in Space II, Candy in Space III: Part I & II


and, finally:


"Candy's Space



The Messages

from the Lillians."


Explore a much deeper space in this new game composed of 1753

different planets. We use an aleatory algorythm callen

the Perlin Noise and many other aleatory

codes to create new worlds

full of life.


-Official website of this game( please bookmark us )-


On this website, story, image, videos,

trial versions and instructions.


We will wait for you to test it!


Version 9.37 is the only trial version

vailable for the moment on




Candy's Space Adventures are ready to launch !

16 November 2013 - 04:54 AM

Hi everyone,


The name of my indie project is:

Candy's Space Adventures,


It is now completed at version 2.97.




More than 1000 downloads

around the world.


For terrains, we use perlin noise.


In this game, find a way to save the universe by exploring the far away galaxies. 17 Galaxies filled with

10 stars and 10 planets per stars give a total of 1753 planets full of challenges.


In each living system:


- 3 planets are above 30 degree.

( Looks like desert )


- 5 planets per solar system are tempered

then between 30 and 0 degree.

( Looks like grass and forest lands )


- 2 planets have less than 0 degree.

( Looks like winter )



Hope you will appreciate my new version of my project:


- Download Candy's Space Adventures v2.97 or more -


In this version, we bring back one new challenge, it is inter-galactic

animal saving. I corrected some bugs and glitches,

added more yellow suns.


A 4.01th version is

a new possibility.


Next step, I will maybe add even more

challenges and even more deepness.


More to come !



Candy's Space Adventures v1.77 are launched !

22 October 2013 - 10:15 PM

Hi everyone,


 Since some weeks, I'm creating one of the last game I created in Blitz3D:
Candy's Space Adventures: The Messages of the Lillians v1.77




 In this game, enough challenges to help the players visit new worlds.


17 galaxies, 1753 planets to explore.

10 planets per star, 10 stars per galaxies.



Xilvan Design