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Member Since 23 Feb 2001
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Journal Entries

slayemin's Journal > June Update

Posted 26 June 2015

TL;DR: We've decided to polish up and expand the zombie game we've been working on.

We've got a few interesting things we're going to do with it http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png

VR Hackathon:
Last weekend, Dan and I went to the Seattle VR Hackathon and met a bunch of awesome people. Seattle is going to be the capi...

slayemin's Journal > May Update: Zombie game closer to release

Posted 31 May 2015

I've been working most of this month to finish up this super simple virtual reality zombie game. I intend to release it commercially on Steam when it's done. The goal is to get customer feedback on what they like and don't like about the VR and motion gesture parts of the game, and to also use the income to help fund our main game in production. It's also...

slayemin's Journal > Zombie Game

Posted 30 April 2015

All my attempts at pursuing investment partners so far have failed. That's to be expected though. Usually, if you want to get funded, you're going to need at least six months of effort to get it (assuming you're worth funding, of course). I'm closing in on the end of the first month of effort in pursuing it, but I have enough fuel to last 12 months. Let's...

slayemin's Journal > First investor pitch result: mediocre

Posted 22 April 2015

Alright, I did my first ever pitch to a large group of investors last night. I gave a two minute pitch to a room of 150 people.

I fucked it up.

My rehearsed pitch was three and a half minutes long. I had two minutes. I wasn't going to care about going over time, but then I did when I got up there. That was my first mistake. I should have said, "fuck it,...

slayemin's Journal > VR and Leap Motion: Early lessons learned

Posted 10 April 2015

Leap Motion:
This is actually really finicky to get working properly with UE4. I don't know what exactly the issue is, but I'm experiencing some pretty big latency between my hand gestures and the device response.

Issues so far:
USB Speeds: I was using the USB port on my computers front panel display. I guess it is slower since its being reported as g...