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Journal Entries

slayemin's Journal > September Recap

Posted 30 September 2016

Whew! That last entry was a long one and I was almost wondering if there's anything to add to the month of September. As it turns out, there is always lots to talk about :) So, I launched my game. That was pretty cool. It's a first, and I feel happy and proud about it. I hold my head a teensy bit higher now. But, let's not kid ourselves. The game is...

slayemin's Journal > Long launch reflections

Posted 15 September 2016

So... I launched my game about a week and a half ago. Finally. 
I remember the day I decided I wanted to make games. I was playing Commander Keen, as I always did when I was about 14 years old, and it dawned on me that *someone* had built this game in this universe. Someone had drawn these cute little aliens which I was jumping on with my pogo stic...

slayemin's Journal > Launched Spellbound on Steam

Posted 05 September 2016

It's 10:15PM on Monday Night. I just launched Spellbound on Steam for the HTC Vive VR headset. This is not only the first game I've ever launched, it's a VR game. Pure craziness. I'm feeling a bit emotional about it right now because it marks the accomplishment of a lifelong dream, which has been something I've wanted to do for more than half my life. 18...

slayemin's Journal > Spellbound Launching on Steam

Posted 31 August 2016

Alright. Spellbound is now up on steam . The release date is slated for September 5th, 2016. The game is being released in Early Access. I'm nervous. The worst thing that could happen is that I release the game, get a ton of bad reviews, angry customers, and I make about 20 sales, which might as well be none. The second worst thing that could happen...

slayemin's Journal > June: Spellbound, Steam & HTC

Posted 27 June 2016

Lots of exciting news for this month! HTC Meeting:
Last week I walked down to the HTC office for North America and tried to get a meeting with their VR people so that I could give them a demo of my game. On Monday, I had that meeting and it went very well. Before going to the meeting, I sat down and had some coffee with my girlfriend and we tal...