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My Oculus Touch controllers arrived this afternoon! I can't wait to start developing for it...just need my CV1 to arrive now :D #VR #gamedev
Yesterday, 10:28 PM

A few people are interested in @leapmotion support for spellbound. I'll add that in asap. Just need to figure out hands free locomotion...
Sep 16 2016 01:22 AM

I have trackpad locomotion working as a configurable preference. It feels alright, but I like walkamotion better :) #vr #spellbound #HTCVive
Sep 09 2016 12:35 AM

Spellbound got a nice mention in geekwire today: https://t.co/W1Zy849ZKb #vr #indiedev #HTCvive
Sep 07 2016 07:06 PM

Next Spellbound update will be small, but includes trackpad locomotion. I found out my right motion controller trackpad is defective too.
Sep 07 2016 01:49 AM

RT @gdevnet: Blog Post: slayemin's Journal - Launched Spellbound on Steam https://t.co/wlGid97GU3 #gamedev #blog
Sep 06 2016 06:30 AM

I just launched Spellbound live on steam https://t.co/2K45aHBiRf. It's not only my first game, but a #VR game. #indiedev #HTCvive #gamedev
Sep 06 2016 03:27 AM

Spellbounds first youtube lets play video is up by @Ownedbytamater :) https://t.co/M2ZFYsdDdW
Sep 03 2016 07:23 PM

Spellbound has been approved for release on Steam! It'll be available on Sept 5th for $19.99. https://t.co/2K45aHBiRf #VR #indiedev
Sep 01 2016 05:19 PM

I had an extremely obscure bug with #UE4 behavior trees. What'd I do? Completely rewrote my AI in C++ without behavior trees. Way cleaner!!
Aug 26 2016 05:56 PM