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Untitled > Parents...

Posted 29 August 2004

Well, I'm at my parents for the weekend, as they're having a few parties, and, well, free beer. This is the second time in about a month and a half that I've been here... Weird. It does mean however that I can't work on my engine, which I've been getting back into alot recently. It's great, I find myself nearly not going to the pub to do some coding....

Untitled > Total lack of sleep = Tiredness. Generally.

Posted 15 August 2004

The title is somewhat appropriate for the past few days...

It was a good friend of mines (Thom) leaving party on friday night in my pub ( Digression: by "my" pub I actually mean the pub I frequent all the time. If anyone ever goes to Bath (UK), on holiday or whatever, pop into the Hobgoblin. It's a great pub, and I'll buy you a pint. ), and we...

Untitled > Balancing development and socialising

Posted 12 August 2004

This subject matter has been perplexing me for a while now. How do you balance a decent social life, but still have time to actually do some game/engine development? I really want to continue with my engine, as it's coming along really nicely, however I always seem to find myself in the pub, talking to whoevers there about anything. Now, don't get me wrong,...

Untitled > I suppose I should think of a subject...

Posted 11 August 2004

Sweet, thanks to GDNet+ I now have a place I can put my incessent ramblings! Woo!

*Ticks off on checklist*

Hmmm... Just need to get one of those "job" things now, before my next semester at uni starts... Luckily the third year doesn't have much of a timetable :) More pub time for me!

Yeah, anyway, I'm off to play some crazy golf.