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In Topic: Creating a cross-platform C++ engine, incl. android and IOS

31 December 2012 - 10:56 AM

Thanks for your reply.


Hmmm... you are probably right there, maybe I am biting off far more than I can chew at my current level and for a project on my own.


Perhaps then, I will initially concentrate on a PC/Mac/Linux engine and get proficient at that, populating the engine's functionality with a few games and then try my hand at a mobile platform completely separately.


Once I feel I have mastered those, perhaps then I may be in a better position to tackle something like I initially proposed.


Do you think that sounds like a more plausible approach?


It just irks me that I will be starting something I know I will probably have to rewrite, perhaps that is just something I will have to swallow; at least for now.



In Topic: Audio Library suggestions

30 December 2012 - 10:43 AM

OpenAL is widely used but I found it quite difficult if you just want to use it in a simple way (i.e. simple BGM and sfx).

I used FMod before and it is a delight to use, but I used it in a non-commercial project so it was free. If you can afford it I would say 100% FMOD.

Isn't there an SDL audio library of some description? Not sure how relevant or useful that will be but perhaps worth a quick look?

In Topic: ODE VS2005 linking issues

05 October 2010 - 08:32 AM

Hey guys,

I have solved this and the solution is rather embarrassing, none the less in case someone falls into the same pit fall I thought I'd post.

I basically decided follow some different instructions; this time from the ODE Manual wiki page - this time I built with premake. I then opened the solution, compiled and built, set the VC++ directories for the libs and copied the dlls over into debug/release folder.

Proof that sometimes working on the same thing for hours straight is not a great idea, and a days break can really work wonders =).


In Topic: DS programming, before I start...

11 June 2008 - 12:43 PM

I see where you are heading with this. I am quite fond of my DS and handheld devices, but being quite honest I am open to any form of games programming. Whether it's handhelds, consoles, PC's, gambling machines etc I don't mind I just enjoy programming and being creative.

I understand what you mean about having something finished as well. I have a 3D game engine that has alot of functionality (combat, audio, menu system, changing environment, start of a partcile system) that I think I can definately use.

On top of that I also have a vertical scrolling SDL shooting game that was made to run on a PS2 (not all that impressive I must say).

A few reasons I am thinking of a DS profile piece is because it's a bit unusual, I like the idea of programming for the DS (I am terrible with graphics), it shows I take a keen interest in my work (that I will go to this extra effort) and also I wanted something other than school work to show.

But I am now thinking this may not be such a good idea. Can I really make something substantial from scratch in 2-3 months? I could probably make something more compelling for the PC and avoid the risk of my homebrew antics being frowned upon (as mentioned earlier). Also, as sort of pointed out, if I am not specifically limiting myself to a handheld-programming position perhaps my time may be better spent on 'traditional' methods.

Perhaps instead I could 'toy' with it just for fun and to learn. Then if I did apply for a handheld position I could perhaps mention it on my CV that I have some experience or at least bring in what I have 'played about' with on top of a more traditional piece.

Thanks everyone for all your comments, they have helped me alot :)

In Topic: DS programming, before I start...

11 June 2008 - 12:35 AM

Thank you all for your replies, I appreciate it :).

If you enjoy working on it, and you learn stuff from doing it, then those are two things on the plus side, are they not? ~Tom Sloper

Yes, very true however, what I didn't mention though was that because I just graduated I am taking 2-3 months off relaxing a little whilst also improving some weak points in my coding and trying to make a couple of interview/profile pieces.

So, while after I get a job I may play around with the DS some (as you say, if it's fun and I learn) I was really indiciating if spending my 2-3 months on the DS would prove an effective way to make a good profile piece that would impress. This seems to have a mixed opinions.

I already bought a 2nd DS and an R4 so I have spent too much money not to code some >8^D (whether it's before or after I get a job) and from the begginings of the links that have been so graciousely provided it doesn't seem incredibly difficult!

Just my 2c/experience so far. Hope it helps some. ~ZeroSum

Yes that helps alot thanks :)

It also does cover the legality of it (although it could still be inaccurate.) ~gregrampage

That is actually the place that described homebrew as legal (but some people abuse it and use it for illegal reasons), it was some posts on this forum that seemed to go against what this tutorial said.

Thanks again for your comments, at the moment I am playing with some very small programs, I think I will infact look into DS programming after I have done with these with the aim of making something to show at an interview, unless of course a swarm of angry protests are follow this post.

Thanks again~