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Old DirectX 9 Framework

11 October 2013 - 10:51 AM

Hello there,


Someone can share the ancient "DXUT" framework?


it have:











It can be found in "Samples/C++/Common" folder.


I don't know in which version of DirectX can be found. The oldest version I have is Dec2005 and it doesn't have these files...




Split earn between team

25 September 2011 - 11:06 AM

Hi all,

I have a general question.

In a small team (1-2 programmers, 1-2 2d artist, 1 game designer) how to split the earn (as percentage)?

Please note that programmers have to develop on more platforms

it's possibile to do the inverse of this?

27 March 2011 - 03:47 PM

Hi all,
I'm making a converter from p3d to 3ds (this below is the 3ds to p3d converter)

         float TempX, TempY, TempZ, TempW;
         for( int i = 0; i < P3DMesh[counter].NumVertices; i++ )
             TempX = m->pointL[i].pos[0];
             TempY = m->pointL[i].pos[1];
             TempZ = m->pointL[i].pos[2];

             float othermat[4][4];
             othermat[0][0] = m->matrix[0][0];
             othermat[0][1] = m->matrix[1][0];
             othermat[0][2] = m->matrix[2][0];
             othermat[0][3] = m->matrix[3][0];
             othermat[1][0] = m->matrix[0][1];
             othermat[1][1] = m->matrix[1][1];
             othermat[1][2] = m->matrix[2][1];
             othermat[1][3] = m->matrix[3][1];
             othermat[2][0] = m->matrix[0][2];
             othermat[2][1] = m->matrix[1][2];
             othermat[2][2] = m->matrix[2][2];
             othermat[2][3] = m->matrix[3][2];
             othermat[3][0] = m->matrix[0][3];
             othermat[3][1] = m->matrix[1][3];
             othermat[3][2] = m->matrix[2][3];
             othermat[3][3] = m->matrix[3][3];
             // Mesh-Matrix auf Verts anwenden
             TempW = TempX*othermat[3][0] + TempY*othermat[3][1] + TempZ*othermat[3][2] + othermat[3][3];
             if( TempW == 0 ){ continue; }
             TempW = 1 / TempW;
             P3DMesh[counter].Vertex[i].X = (TempX*othermat[0][0] + TempY*othermat[0][1] + TempZ*othermat[0][2] + othermat[0][3]) * TempW;
             P3DMesh[counter].Vertex[i].Y = (TempX*othermat[1][0] + TempY*othermat[1][1] + TempZ*othermat[1][2] + othermat[1][3]) * TempW;
             P3DMesh[counter].Vertex[i].Z = (TempX*othermat[2][0] + TempY*othermat[2][1] + TempZ*othermat[2][2] + othermat[2][3]) * TempW;


I know only P3DMesh[counter].Vertex[i].X, P3DMesh[counter].Vertex[i].Y, P3DMesh[counter].Vertex[i].Z

I need do exactly the opposite, i need save in m->matrix[..][..] and m->pointL[i].pos[..] the data

DInput, XInput & WM_CHAR

15 January 2011 - 10:57 AM

Hi all,

I can mix DInput & WM_CHAR and XInput?
In fact, i want to use dinput for managing mouse and joystick (with xinput), but keyboard in dinput isn't a great idea because you have to translate the scancode to ascii...
Someone have some suggestions?

GDI fonts

28 November 2010 - 09:54 AM

1)I want create a font with CreateFont (NOT D3DXCreateFont) and use it with D3D9
But how to integrate it with D3D9?

2) Another question... I want to load a true type font (ttf) and use it with D3D9
I don't want to use external libraries such FreeType...

Any ideas?