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Business Superstar - a free business simulation idle game

27 October 2015 - 03:23 AM

Hey guys! We are excited to announce the release of Business Superstar, a free business simulation idle game, which is available for FREE as a universal app.
App Store Link:
Do you love money? Want to be rich and become a business superstar? Sure you do!
Play now as an entrepreneur, use strategy and manage your business in the most creative way possible to grow your corporate empire. Get rich from zero to hero!
Business Superstar is a business simulation game all about money, prestige and glory. 
Play as a young college-educated BUSINESSMAN, filled with life, energy and ambition. Run and manage your own gym, app development, casino, insurance company, space tourism etc.
Play as a smart, elegant and attractive BUSINESSWOMAN, and launch your own fashion brand, run beauty shop, dance studio, jewelry store, hotel superstar etc. 
Your business is slow and sticky? No problem! Hire 100 assistants to help you to grow your business faster, and work with 60 investors to send your profits sky high.
Making lots of money is fun, but what about reaching the business elite superclass? It’s easy! Learn 40 business skills, complete 200 challenges, and expand your business on all continents. Earn experience points, boost your self-confidence and reach the highest prestige rank! Become a business superstar!
Manage strikes and protests, corruption, burglary, accounting irregularities, watch out for inspection and competition, and survive even a Wall Street crash!
No complicated stuff, manage everything whit a single tap, even your dog will know how to play it 
Don’t forget to visit the kitchen to feed your avatar to keep high productivity, so go to office often and manage your tasks wisely. Or just play with the silly office cat to kill time and earn some kitty rewards.
*** WARNING ***
Business Superstar is a highly addictive game from the very start, once you start playing you just can’t put it down... Enjoy!
More info?

World of Khaos

02 December 2014 - 09:16 AM

Hey guys! We are excited to announce our upcoming game World of Khaos. At the moment we can share only one image, the story and some info about the game, but soon more interesting things will come.
What is it?
World of Khaos is an upcoming tower defense game set in a post-apocalyptic world. This adrenaline-pumping tower defense game casts you in the role of the leader of resistance. After an asteroid impact on Earth, the civilization is destroyed, and a new world order has arisen. A fanatic rules the world with an unstoppable army of robots, mutants and cyborgs.
The player takes command of the last resistance base, and with an arsenal of powerful weapons and upgrades needs to defeat the brutal army of war machines. It’s all-out chaos and mayhem from the very start. Players will enjoy the intense and nonstop action that never lets up until the credits roll. With many upgrades, power-ups, achievements, wide variety of enemies and big bosses this game will take tower defense games to a whole new level.
App Store Links

Get the game from the Mac App Store or iOS App Store


English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese
The story?
On September 29, 2028 an unexpected asteroid with high iridium content hit the Earth with catastrophic consequences.  With extreme amount of dust, moisture and radiation it destroyed the civilization, as we know it. The survivors concentrated around the remaining water resources and formed heavily guarded districts. Local wars between districts were common. Soon after the impact, iridium became the world currency.
The location of the asteroid impact was the area with the highest iridium content. District 1, the closest to the impact soon started to exploit the good properties of this rare metal to create the most advanced army of robots, mutants and cyborgs. War was always about resources and control. This time is no different. With superior technology, plenty of iridium and a fanatic leader obsessed with domination, District 1 quickly crushed the districts that didn’t obey to the new world order.
District 13 is the only remaining place on Earth where the people are still free. They founded the Resistance, the sole fighting force for freedom and the mankind’s last hope, led by a man called Punk. The brutal army of war machines is at the doorstep of District 13. As it turns out soon, a much greater challenge is awaiting them here. Let the battle begin…
Game features?
* Two dozen of enemies ranging from robots, mutants and cyborgs
* Big bosses
* Wide range of weapons and power-ups
* Beautiful and unique post-apocalyptic background for each stage
* Rich particle effects
* Achievements and leaderboards
* Adrenaline pumping music
* Plenty of sounds effects and voice-overs for the characters
More info?

Jungle Haste a jump and run game for iOS hits the App Store

07 September 2012 - 08:20 AM

Rapid Turtle Games is pleased to announce the release of Jungle Haste a jump and run game with endless arcade action for iOS devices. Help the little alien guy to survive in the jungle and to return home.

The story begins when a spaceship crashes in the jungle somewhere in Amazon, Brazil. The poor little alien, alone in the jungle needs a new spaceship to catch up with his fellows on the way home.

The player needs to get ready their running and jumping skills, because there will be lot of tasks to do. Animals inhabiting the jungle aren't friendly thus keen reflexes are the best weapon, and there are dozens of missions to complete, achievements to unlock, and friends to beat on the online leaderboards. Plethora of power-ups is ready for the little alien dude to utilize, friendly animals to ride, and of course some cool alien technology is ready to be used.

The controls are very easy to learn. In the iOS version, the player needs to tap to jump and touch anywhere on screen to control the movement. In the upcoming Mac version the whole gameplay can be controlled with just the mouse.

Game features:
- Incredible easy to learn controls
- A lot of items, power-ups and other gadgets to utilize
- Various jungle animals to avoid or knock down
- Many ranks to achieve
- Dozens of missions to complete
- Treasures for big coin bonuses
- Friendly animals to ride/fly with
- Plenty of achievements to unlock
- Online leaderboards to compete against friends
- Crisp and clean graphics with a nice jungle experience
- Unlimited hours of playtime

App Store Link:

Website Link:

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Starfighter Overkill a space shoot-em-up game for iOS and Mac released

16 February 2012 - 04:59 AM

I just wanted to share that we have released a new game for iOS and Mac: Starfighter Overkill. It's an intense space shoot-em-up game with unlimited waves of non-stop adrenaline pumping action.

The player is in the role of an elite commander who controls an advanced starfighter. He or she needs to blast away waves of alien spaceships, star panzers, destroyers and space fighters before facing the big bosses. There are power-ups to upgrade the firepower, and special weapons to quickly annihilate hordes of enemies. The player can boost his/hers adrenaline by killing enemies and use the powerful air strike to blitz the enemy in a torrent of destruction.

The controls are very easy to learn. In the iOS version, the player needs to touch and move the finger around the screen to move and shoot. In the Mac version the whole gameplay can be controlled with the mouse, just click and drag the mouse to move and shoot.

Game features:
- Unlimited waves giving you unlimited hours of playtime
- Unlockable stages
- Earn Achievements and conquer the Leaderboards (iOS)
- Game Center and OpenFeint support (iOS)
- Crisp, clean and beautiful HD graphics
- Adrenaline pumping music
- High quality sound effects and explosions

YouTube Video:
Starfighter Overkill (iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac) - YouTube

Website Link:
Starfighter Overkill for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac - Take control of your starfighter and take down the enemy forces! | Rapid Turtle Games

iOS App Store Link:
App Store - Starfighter Overkill

Mac App Store Link:
Mac App Store - Starfighter Overkill


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Zombie Area! a survival shooter hits the App Store

30 November 2011 - 03:02 AM

One man alone against the raving hordes of zombies. Theycome crawling, running and jumping. How long can you survive?

WARNING: Insanely Addictive!

Are you stressed out? Get Zombie Area! and blow your stressaway with this adrenaline-pumping zombie killing game now!

Learn controls in 10 seconds and become the best zombieslayer. Unlock new environments, earn achievements and conquer theleaderboards.

So, what are you waiting for? Load your shotgun and blastthe zombies to pieces!

Website Link:

iOS App Store Link:

Mac App Store Link:

YouTube Video:


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