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In Topic: Political / social question

15 December 2011 - 01:44 PM

Obviously candidates should be visible otherwise its not a voting but a guessing game that no one will care about, would you run for hours in a massive world and ask all your friends "are you in the elections this week?" ??? Its not fun.

You could always make the actual votes count invisible if you want people to compete more, no way to know if you're loosing or winning. As for the fact that king and his gang may want to ruin the opposition then I'd say let it be that way, if its an MMO about being king then thats great, if you're not strong enough to take on the current gang in power then why should you be a king? Would be a good idea to also add items or settings that help the strategy, like political immunity items which will protect you from anything during some time, so the opposition cant attack you... or a system where you can bribe other players to shift sides... you see the direction where I am going.

In Topic: 'Mum, Dad, I want to be a Game Designer'

12 December 2011 - 07:22 AM

Very interesting listening, thank you for that.

In Topic: TenThousandsuns

03 December 2011 - 08:54 AM

Well, MMOs are about multiplayer content. There is no MMO in existence where you can do endgame content by yourself. Again it seems like you want to play a single player game, with an online battle arena or something ala various RTS games. I mean, its called massively MULTIPLAYER. I mean everyone is free to do as they please, but the intention of an MMO is group play.

I believe what sunandshadow is trying to say is that a good MMO should not force you to do something you don't want, and I tend to agree with that. Think about it this way, to progress in an MMO you need an item that can only be crafted by another player... but you're an antisocial person who hates speaking to others, if the game forces you to speak and ask for the item there is a big chance that you'll quit the game, however if there is a marketplace where you can place a request on an item or look if there is an item you want already on sale you don't need to actually speak to others, you just buy it and keep playing happy. Its still multiplayer, other players sell you items they craft, just indirectly.

Obviously this is a bad example but it should make the idea clear...

Why force people to do something they dont want when you can have a system where all could be happy? I may want to be a lone hero, strong enough to kill any monster in game and be knowns as a legend, however while being one I may want another players to be my armor master, the one who will craft me super weapons to use, we dont do dungeons together but we depend on each other... thats a multiplayer.

Or we could be a group of fighters who fight together. Or a group of crafters that create a cooperation providing best quality items in all categories...

I think there should be options for all type of players, plus there are many MMO without raids... its not raids that make a game multiplayer, its the possibility of multiple players join one world and interact together in some kind of way, be it trades, raids, PvP or something else.

In Topic: How to estimate potential profits/revenue of your game?

02 December 2011 - 05:29 PM

You'll need to develop a business plan for that, make a market analysis.

Decide on your market, is it a local, national wide, worldwide market? Decide on a product, look for similar products in your desired location / market. If you found one, how is your product better, if not, look for potential / close competitors [they are also called indirect competition]... a good businessman will say there is always competition, no such thing as 100% free of competition. Make sure there is a demand for that product, maybe there is low competition because the product has no demand?

Lets say you've found a product with demand and low competition, next decide on your monetization system, will it subscription, sale of CD or DVD... how you will make money?

Return to your desired location / market, compare economical status of those potential clients in the area with your product price, does it fit? Or are you selling luxury cars to Africa's general population?

Estimate your clients amount, is it enough to profit?

If after all this you come to a conclusion that you have found a market, product in demand with low competition or one that you can overcome, your price fits the market and there is enough clients to profit then congrats! Time to develop... dont forget to calculate development costs and marketing costs, your clients will have to find you somehow, otherwise your market analysis is useless.

If you found a problem along the way on market analysis, try to solve it by changing something... things like a different location. If you cant get it to work then the business idea is not viable.

In Topic: Would this make a good game

22 November 2011 - 09:21 AM

A good game is a combination of more than just a cool story, you'd need to have a good gameplay, cool story, nice graphics... music, functionality and so forth... depending on the game type you can also remove some of those factors like Tetris, it has no storyline but its still a good game [judging from popularity].

I think the question you made here is "would this story idea be gameable?" then yes, sure why not... it gives plenty of directions to go with, lots of concepts to create... the real challenge is: are you good enough to actually turn that concept into a real storyline and then into a game with cool gameplay?