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Advantages and Dangers of mentioning another product name in advertising

19 October 2010 - 12:47 AM

I would like to discuss the advantages and dangers that can come with the use of another company product name on your advertising campaign...

Lets say that one of your games is inspired on another one, and that game quite more popular... it may bring great results to mention the background behind your game and what it is inspired on, right?

But at the same time I can see how you may be violating copyright or some other laws here, so youre probably not allowed to do this on your official advertising campaign.

Maybe the best way to go around this is to give your customers an impression of what you look like and make THEM see you as a "game inspired on XX" similar to what happened to Diaspora project I saw once, they never said it but somehow media called them Anti Faceboock and their popularity just flew off the roof...

I would like your ideas and suggestions to this situation, what would be the best way to proceed if you have a strong interest in catching attention from a specific targeted audience and do not want to get in trouble with using direct lines like "inspired on all time favorite XX series.."

Running MMO, taxes?

25 August 2009 - 04:16 AM

Hello everyone. I am interested to know whether there are some kind of taxes in an MMO project. If you would register a private limited liability company in US or UK and have an online subscribers based MMO project, what would be your taxes, fees?? Any help appreciated.

Games similarities

23 October 2008 - 03:34 PM

So here comes a question. From my point of view most game geners have similarities that are "common" so none of them accuse other of stealing or so breaking copyright. I've been thinking, what is considered "fair use" not speaking of HP, MP and other way too common things... let me do an example from one of my designs... A game that involves farming in it, does it break Harvest moon copyright by making farming process similar? Like prepare ground sow seeds, water, wait and get crop... from real view thats the way it is, IN REALITY... but just because of HM being the one who made it it brakes copyright? So ideas on this matter are welcome.:)

Isometric slopes help needed

30 June 2008 - 12:12 PM

Hello everyone. I am sorry if this is a common question but I would like to know how to make slopes on flash/actionscript 2d isometric engine. An example of a working slope would be awesome and if someone would be that kind an tutorial or fla file. I am actually an artist so programming is hard for me, and sorry again if this is a common question. I just didn't found a help post about this around here. Thank you, will be waiting for help.