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RPG: Equipment 'puzzle' ideas

24 January 2012 - 08:20 AM

I've been trying to flesh out an idea that adds a puzzle element to equipping items for an RPG. For an example, see the catalyst system in Darkspore:

Posted Image

The catalysts were little gems that you picked up that would give stat bonuses. You placed them into a grid, and if you matched an entire row of the same color/type then they all got a bonus to their effect.

Now, in Darkspore, these were temporary items that only lasted for a part of a game session.

The idea I am working on involves equipping gems into some template to craft jewelry. Maybe the gems would have different shapes, and you have to fill the box tetris-style? Maybe the gems are in a grid and you have to match some aspect of them in a line? (Color, shape, etc)

The goal would be to make item choices more interesting than just picking the item with the best stats. Players may have to choose whether to use a weaker gem in order to better 'solve the puzzle' and get the puzzle bonus, etc.

Does anyone have any ideas besides gem-tetris and match-a-line?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!