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Good Enough?.... Never! > Back in the saddle again... I hope...

Posted 03 June 2013

Well it's been so long that I been active that I forgot how much I missed coding...I have gone back to College to finish up my degree, have no idea why, maybe to get a piece of paper or a job who knows... Not going learn any new languages as I have had all the classes they offer for that, and I been doing this for a while now.I just don't have enough time...

Good Enough?.... Never! > Not much to say.....

Posted 17 September 2012

Well I ordered this book


curious to see how good it is. Got it for the C++11 standards update.

Gfx card to a crap, so not much else to do until the RMA is here Thursday!! :(

Just built a new rig with a Core i7-3770K, 32GB RAM, Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H MB, so far runs like a...

Good Enough?.... Never! > Coding again, but seems useless

Posted 04 August 2012

Sigh every time I start a project to make a game, someone else has done it or already to market with the same game... In my mind I am thinking what is the use?

To really get somewhere you need a game that takes notice anymore something fresh, IMO to even be worth while or if anyone would even want to play it let alone buy it....

So I grind away, and just...

Good Enough?.... Never! > Sigh what a long time to be absent and stil not much has changed...

Posted 01 January 2012

I been away from coding for awhile now and decided I miss it and need to get back into it. After looking around at some of the API's I was using, I noticed most are still at the same level or have maybe moved on one rev since I was coding last. I was a bit shocked by this as I figured a lot of new stuff would be out by now and I could jump back into it...

Good Enough?.... Never! > Hell Yeah

Posted 01 July 2008

Well I finally made the jump to Cascading Shadowmaps, and wow, they look so much better than normal shadowmaps. Took about 2 days and now its up and running, using OpenGL with texture arrays with a FBO. Nice and fast.

Everything is coming along just great now. I am shooting for a Dec time frame for completing this first game. Been a long time in the...