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Design by comittee

01 March 2012 - 12:43 AM

It is really good to see some interest!

Plan of attack is to follow a typical development cycle starting with pre-production, build a prototype and being production in which we will use weekly sprints to follow our progress (we will use google doc's to follow the sprints).

As well, i am willing to put in the majority or effort on this project but, if you are going to submit an idea or design please be willing to do some follow up research or work. ( I feel 1 of your hours to 5 of my hours. This could range from drawing pictures to writing our documents or cutting up video footage of a game to communicate an idea. The better communicated and displayed idea's will probable be more likely to get chosen.)

Tho shall refer to objects when possible as grey cubes. This is to prevent a large amount of pretext from entering into the design.

For example I would prefer, The player character is a grey cube that can move left and right jump his own height has the ability to melee attack, he also has the ability to shoot objects with a grey cube which will pull him to that location.

Rather then, The player is a ninja who can move left and right he has the ability to jump his own height he can attack with his ninja sword he also has a chain shot which he can shoot at objects to move himself to the location of that object..

The later seems more entertaining because of the pretext "ninja's are sweet" i feel that it is not a fair way to judge mechanics and thus the I would really like to drill down into design of mechanics and grey cube metaphor is a good way to rid yourself of that pretext. ( I do realize that a certain point it breaks)

This will also prevent from story getting into the design, not that i don't think story is important it is but gameplay is king as a such that should be awesome before we introduce a story to it.

Scope: I am only one man, so scope will have to be kept on the low side, however if the idea is awesome enough and more people want to put some serious effort in then we can expand on scope. THIS MEANS NO MMO's ;)

All right lets hear some idea's!

Please if you feel their should be more guidelines or you need more direction on what i am asking of you feel free to ask!