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In Topic: What's the best way to implement a level map like this?

04 March 2012 - 10:25 AM

Not sure if this will was mentioned but possibly a map of function pointers using the enum's as the keys.

map<TileType, (*func)(args...)> tileFunctions;

Then you can have 1 update or other function with private functions for each type of tile.

(*tileFunctions[this->tileType])(args to send);

The only downside here is that you'd have to make it so each of the tile update functions has the same arguments and return values.

In Topic: Resume Critique

19 December 2011 - 12:01 PM

Ok, I've been told to keep it to one page if possible, but to elaborate on the use of the IDE's and the languages it will definitely push it to a second page.
So should I do that or cut some of the other items out to keep it a single page?

In Topic: Resume Critique

19 December 2011 - 10:42 AM

Now here's the thing that really struck me, your resume certainly implied you have experience with PS3 coding.
But then I saw "Eclipse – for Playstation 3 development".
Now, I have done some coding with the official PS3 devkits and SDK... Eclipse wasn't involved in that.
Future employers who do PS3 games will also pick up on this.

Yeah I guess I need to clarify this, I should of put Cell Processor instead, I used the PS3 with fedora on it and IBM's official SDK on my home computer and networked it to the PS3 to send everything over.

I also doubt I will apply to many game development jobs. So this isn't tuned overly much for a job in the games industry but more for competent businesses that are comp sci oriented. I do realize this is a game dev forums but many people here have worked in both, also the community is quite honest about everything so I figured I'd drop it off here.

In Topic: Resume Critique

18 December 2011 - 11:50 PM

Ok so it has been awhile but I am now on christmas break and finally finished fixing up the resume.

There are still some sections I'd like to add but they aren't overly related to the comp sci part just more hobbies and such.
The <COMPANY> part is there because this one will be sent to a company that a friend of mine is working at and I'd prefer to leave the name out for now.

I'd appreciate any and all comments on what should be changed.

In Topic: Resume Critique

08 November 2011 - 02:46 PM

Thanks to both of you for that. As I reread it today between classes I can easily see everything you have mentioned. I also realized after I posted that no where does it include school.

Now Frob what would you suggest about the Bad Pilcrow situation? Drop it? or be more concise and not list it as professional?