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Franck Dernoncourt

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In Topic: Genetic Programming in Games

29 March 2012 - 06:18 PM

This free e-book may interest you: Evolved to Win (2011; 193 pages)

Title: Evolved to Win
Author: Moshe Sipper
Abstract: Recent years have seen a sharp increase in the application of evolutionary computation techniques within the domain of games. Situated at the forefront of this research tidal wave, Moshe Sipper and his group have produced a plethora of award-winning results, in numerous games of diverse natures, evidencing the success and efficiency of evolutionary algorithms in general—and genetic programming in particular—at producing top-notch, human-competitive game strategies. From classic chess and checkers, through simulated car racing and virtual warfare, to mind-bending puzzles, this book serves both as a tour de force of the research landscape and as a guide to the application of evolutionary computation within the domain of games.

But it doesn't directly deal with modern games.

In Topic: Creating my second game AI

15 January 2012 - 12:51 PM

Although it is not a board game, you may want to check out the Pac-Man Projects which Stanford CS 221 Intro to AI class' (= on-campus version of the Stanford AI course online you attended) programming assignments were based on.

In Topic: Beginning Fuzzy logic?

24 December 2011 - 11:34 AM

Also I want to know how tough is it to implement fuzzy logic.. After understanding the theory can it be done within a month.. I'm running on a tight schedule here!!

Pretty straightforward. Check out the book entitled "Programming Game AI by Example". Chapter 10 on Fuzzy Logic has many code examples (C++). There are also many fuzzy logic libraries available.

In Topic: I need thesis topic recommendations, related to AI in games

24 December 2011 - 11:27 AM

A couple of examples I took from aigamedev.com's latest newsletter:

Character Animation in Two-Player Adversarial Games
Wampler, K. Andersen, E. Herbst, E. Lee, Y. Popović, Z.

Space-Time Planning with Parameterized Locomotion Controllers
Sergey Levine, Yongjoon Lee, Vladlen Koltun, Zoran Popović

A Sparse Grid Representation for Dynamic Three-Dimensional Worlds
Nathan R. Sturtevant

A Particle Model for State Estimation in Real-Time Strategy Games
Ben George Weber, Michael Mateas, Arnav Jhala

Build Order Optimization in StarCraft
David Churchill, Michael Buro

In Topic: Can AI solve future mobility problems?

11 November 2011 - 07:00 AM

This kind of problems is most of the time modeled through multi-agent systems: try Googling "multi agent systems traffic", you will find myriads of studies. AFAIK they aren't much semantic in this sort of modelization yet.

As a side note, Thales has recently announced a new project called "Terra Dynamica" which seems to be close to what you are looking for: http://www-poleia.li...ca/accueil.html (gtranslate it)

http://www.kylotonng...com/serious.php :
The Terra Dynamica project refers to the dynamic animation of the city, of its activities and actors, and appears as a complement of the works already conducted within the Terra Numerica project regarding urban modeling and visualization, with the objective of modeling “life inside the city”: its inhabitants and crowds, its vehicles and traffic.
The Terra Dynamica project aims at making available a solution of representation of the animation of the various actors in the form of components describing and animating the various actors of the city and making them inter-operate in the 3D urban universe, while integrating the temporal aspect.
The objective is to set up the animation elements allowing the creation of a “living virtual city”. This “living virtual city” provides a unique context (unified and shared) of representation and coherent visualization allowing to address several complementary operational fields such as the conception of the city and of its services, the managing of operations or of urban crises, and the new services aimed at helping the citizen.
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