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In Topic: Best Java Engine?

09 July 2016 - 02:47 AM

Java can work very well for game development. But while it is safe against crashes, it is not very "safe" for writing fast code. That said, just like you can avoid certain things in C++ and make your code safe ( use as little raw pointer code as possible), you can make your Java run very fast (cut back on garbage collection by using as few "new" and collections as possible). Java will then run blazing fast (faster than other languages which are not C** ).


That said, many game developers do not like java because it was originally not targeted at games. So you will find that you will need to write your own things even for basic stuff. For example: Performant code for in place linear algebra. That is the real problem with java. The game-related frameworks are under-developed and suck.


On the bright side though: C# is almost a copy of Java. In fact it's something purposefully rolled out after getting sued by "Sun" for infringing on their patents. With a good understanding of Java, it should not take you long to learn C#. The syntax is almost identical. The big advantage is that "XNA" used to be a big thing in game development, and as such there was a big community of people who like to write games, and use C#. So the ecosystem around C# for games is more mature. Also on windows you get to use Visual Studio which is awesome! The down-side is that C# sucks on Linux and Android (Mono historically is not good as pure "C#"). Also, good luck debugging cross-compiled C# code on native devices...


So if you want to make a game, go with Unity. C# should be a synch if you know Java.


That being said, lot's of people tell you not to write engines yourself because you won't finish your game.

While true that finishing your game is unlikely, you do learn a lot of stuff by writing your own low level code. Even if you do not finish your games it can be a very rewarding experience. As long as you are not doing this to earn money, then it is a terrible waste of time  :P


Also, not less important then the engine is the Editor. One would argue that especially in the case of Unity, the editor is better than the engine. While Unity is not the "best" engine (not as performant, advanced, or flexible). It is by far one of the best editors (if not the best). A good editor saves you just as much work as a good engine. In Unity you can build your levels and set behaviours in a graphical environment. I like writing my own engines, and they achieve what I want them to. But when I need to collaborate with an artist, it becomes a nightmare. (Ex: Artist doesn't know how to work with the model-files that I support, Artist wants to try his art in a real level, etc...). So the biggest advantage of Unity's editor is that many "non-programers" on your team allready know how to use it. (artists, level designers, musicians, etc... )

In Topic: Free or low-cost resources that have helped you

02 July 2016 - 07:43 AM

DuckDNS - free dynamic domains (although I did make a donation)

Turbosquid - Free 3d models

https://byet.host/free-hosting - for free hosting of small php sites (leaderboards)

Openshift - free hosting for more complex web-apps. (can run many languages and databases) [ uses more mainstream tech then google-app-engine] 


IDEs - Webstorm/Pycharm/Netbeans/Visual-Studio.

Source control - ToroiseGIT/TortoiseSVN (Netbeans for source-control on linux)

GIMP - For phpotoshoping

In Topic: Future of economics, Step 1

23 May 2016 - 03:44 AM

Wait, are you Greek?

But on a serious note: You want me to give you 100 pieces of gold, and you promise to (maybe) pay back 90. Why would anyone who is half-way sane do that? You cannot really be serious about that idea.



Not Greek myself, and I don't really care about the Greek financial crisis (I have my own problems :-) ).

However, this sort of 100% money-centered capitalism has me baffled.


Gold like money is not very useful in itself. Gold can be exchanged for "things". To simplify, let's call these "things" food.


So Gold can be exchanged for "food". 


I am a milk Farm owner. and I owe you 50 Liters of milk (worth 50 gold). Also, I am about to go bankrupt because of some unforeseen circumstance (One of my cows was run-over by a tractor). I tell you that If I don't get 10 gold now and buy a new cow, I will go bankrupt imediately.


This means two things to you:

1. You will not get your 50L of milk,

2. If I was the only milk-farmer, you will need to start importing your milk. (Unless you think a banker can operate a milk farm).



As such it might be in your financial interests to give me money for free.Specifically, giving me 10 gold is worth 40 gold for you (if you think that I will not go bankrupt again).


This is why it sometimes makes financial sense to give some people money. I do not like the rhetoric above which assumes that it is always a bad financial idea.


The big story is not that Germany has 10 gold, the big story is that Germany wants 50L of milk from Greece. If they believe that Greece will supply those 50L of milk, then it would be an excellent idea to give them 10 gold for it. (Assuming that they can't just sue 41L of milk from Greece. [And this is the real question.] )

In Topic: Islamaphobia in the United States

07 May 2016 - 03:30 PM

The politically correct adjective for describing something or someone as being Muslim is:  Muslim / Islamic.

The noun describing a person who believes in Islam: is a Muslim.


The Adj+Noun describing Muslim fundamentalists: Islamists. These are people who intertwine Islam and Politics/Law.


On the same weight:

A Christian who votes for Christianity as federal law: A "Christianists"


Some Muslims would find being called an Islamist offensive.


A Muslim can easily be a liberal, while I find it hard to picture a liberal Islamist. ( I'm sure some exist )

In Topic: Is it possible to make gaming servers of future games permanent?

11 February 2016 - 04:55 PM

If we are going to go down the track of games as art, we need to start a preservation effort now

The smithonian started this a few years ago. I wonder how it's going. I don't live in the states, so I haven't seen it, but it's a cool idea