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In Topic: HTML Spacing

21 November 2015 - 05:45 PM

Your articles are not aligned on the left side either...

It just happens that your "left" div is taller than your "right" div (the one with twitter). 


The problem is that you are aligning each "article" div separately. Just create a center div and put all of your "articles" in that.

In Topic: Pro-Gaming a Job?

11 November 2015 - 11:13 AM

PewDiePie seems more than a pro-game. I haven't encountered him that often, but he seems to be creating games, and advertising (reviewing other games).


I can understand Blizzard "losing" (investing) money in pro gaming to advertise their games. I can understand gamers getting paid to review (advertise) games on youtube.


However If we go back to the tennis allegory: Tennis makes most of their money from: Ticket sales to spectators Non tennis-playing products (fashion).


I seems that most of the pro gaming money is to directly advertise games that are being played. Is there a lot of "outside" money powering this?


Wimbeldon is profitable in itself, it is not just an ad for tennis courts... It is an ad for tennis shoes, Adidas, and Hugo Boss. But these guys are paying Wimbeldon & the players.


Is pro-gaming just Blizzard pumping money into using it to advertise Star-Craft?


BTW, Regardless of where the money comes from, From the gamer's perspective it's still a profession.

In Topic: Blackhole internal space

07 November 2015 - 06:05 PM

I think it is pretty safe to assume that he meant inside the event horizon. wink.png

Not "safe" at all.

Inside the event horizon relative to what observer?

An event horizon is always relative to an observer...

Which again leaves the question of "inside" to be subjective.


For example: Alice looks at Bob and Camila, and says: Wow  Bob & Camila are almost inside the event horizon!

But Bob looks at Camila and says: Camila is almost inside. But I still have a way to go!

This happens because the gravity of the black hole distorts times, and distances as you approach it.

The very concept of "distance" starts to become meaningless... (how would you define distance)


Another question that hides in the details is: Can Alice and Bob ask something at the same time? The "strange" answer is that they can't. Thing's that happen "at the same time" are also subjective.


So if "time" is subjective, and "distance" is subjective, and "size" is subjective, what do you mean when you say "inside"?


If we were to use the metaphor of a ball placed on a rubber sheet:

The ball, the rubber sheet, and the size of the hole, would look different as you approach them...

Each observer has their own unique view of 4D space. That again is Einstein's relativity.

In Topic: Blackhole internal space

07 November 2015 - 04:08 PM

There is a problem with asking if space exists inside a black hole.

How do you define "inside"?


Depending on where you are, the distance of the event horizon changes relative to other objects around you.


Namely, as you fall closer to the event horizon, the event horizon keeps moving away from you in space-time...

Assuming you are a point in space, you will never observe yourself reaching the event horizon.


When I say that the event horzon moves away from you in space time,  it's not just a farther distance. Time also stretches... An outside observer will see you slow down and freeze when you approach the horizon. Essentially your distance in "time" becomes "further".


Having said all this, you understand that that are many things one might mean when one says "inside a black hole". For different observers, inside means different things. That's the whole point of Einstein's relativity. 


If you want to visualize this in a simple graph:

Take an asymptote of 1/(x^2)

If you get closer to x=0 it looks steeper and steeper.

But if you zoom as you move, as space time is streched, The steepness stays pretty much the same (like zooming into a fractal).

In Topic: Reducing the number of octaves in a song

07 November 2015 - 03:50 PM



A human being could take into account many aspects at the same time: change the scale if needed, ignore some voices in a poliphonic song etc....




Edit: P.S.


Regardless to your will to contact me, i wish to expand on the importance of adapting the scale, this might be useful anyway... let's say your song is in A minor and you feel the bass line playing a F, then G, then A....your glock's lower note is C and you will perform the bass melody too close to the second octave.... transposing everything to E minor could do the job.



I tried reading a little bit about scales on Wiki. Went way over my head. (I have no musical background).

Is there a difference between "adapting the scale" and transposing, or is it just another type of transpose?


Also, I sent  you a private message, regarding the other stuff.