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In Topic: Drones

02 August 2015 - 02:30 PM

You always have the flight controller, also in a normal radio controlled drone, it's not possible to fly it without one.
The system for a normal RC drone would look like this:
Human -> RC Transmitter ===over the air====> RC Receiver -> Flight Controller -> Speed Controller(s) -> Motor(s).


At the risk of hijacking the thread:

What I wanted to achieve was: To write a computer vision program which allows a PC with a pair of cameras to control an RC vehicle as well as a human with a set of eyes. While I did find the computer vision algorithms I was looking for, I ended up giving up, beause it seemed too hard to emulate the RC. I assumed [falsely] that it would be as easy as emulating a TV remote control. My main problem, was that I couldn't find any USB rc controller.

In Topic: Programming exams

02 August 2015 - 03:02 AM

You should never walk away from an interview. Especially if you are a university Grad. Some interviewers do not spend a lot of time preparing interviews for new hires. It's not they're day job to interview people. Your technical interview is usually not carried out by a recruiter, but rather by a "Coder" like you. Sometimes they just download some quiz from Google. That does not mean that they will be bad team mates or that the job is going to be bad.




I manually went through each line of code to see if I could uncover the cause of the error. And I learned a valuable skill. Debugging; without having to rely upon my IDE to tell me which line I messed up and why. As a result of this experiment, I've become far more meticulous when I write code, making fewer syntactical errors than I had beforehand.


How is this (which I'd catagorize as de-linting), an important skill? Does it raise your productivity in any way? Why not use a javascript lint analyzer instead? Have you tried using a good javascript IDE like webstorm?


I remember a defining moment in my career: People were writing a complex compression algorithm on an embedded chip with a subset of C. They were using notepad because the chip did not have an IDE or a debugger. So you "couldn't use an IDE"... When we did switch to an IDE with an integrated debugger we were able to re-write within 2 days what the previous team could not write in a week. All because they were using "old school" tools on an "old school" system. Later, we did re-optimize the code footprint via assembly list files, but we did as much work as we possibly could on a PC in Visual C++.


Since then, I have come to view this as professional negligence. Wasting one month of development (and shipping bugs to customers) in order to be "old school" is counter productive.


I started programming before IDEs were any good, It was a terrible waste of time. Why would anyone want to go back to it?

In Topic: Drones

31 July 2015 - 01:09 PM

I don't think we are talking about the same thing...


This looks cool, but it's  not what I was looking for. I want my computer to "look" at my drone and control it from the outside (like a human operator).

In Topic: Killing off Flash and the impact that would have

29 July 2015 - 05:32 PM

Adobe's Flash environment does this *today*. It also produces native iOS and Android apps, primarily due to a lack of any Flash plugin on those platforms.


Last time I checked, it produces bloated and buggy run times which don't support all of the features. To be fair, last time I checked was 2012. BTW,


I've created some professional HTML5 mobile apps, and the performance was terrible for anything with multimedia on mobile, 2-3 animations on screen, and responsiveness dropped to 0, not to mention memory managment problems. So it's not like HTML5 is an alternative for the type of multimedia apps that people want to create with flash. Android was the worst, for some reason people think that fast V8 javascript is important, but really what caused the problems was bad Browser-GPU integration for CSS.

In Topic: Killing off Flash and the impact that would have

29 July 2015 - 02:46 PM

You are looking at this from a software developer's viewpoint. Whereas the main driving force behind flash is the designer community.


 A lot of non-programers, are very skilled at flash. The designers I've worked with were very proficient with it. I haven't met designers who are proficient in WebGL and javascript. In fact, when I created HTML5 applications, my designers did POCs in Flash, which I had to manually convert to javascript.


This is because:

1. Flash comes with an amazing adobe "studio" tool suite aimed at these "artsy" types

2. The experienced designers have usually mastered flash

   2.b. Javascript, and especially OpenGL are not things I would lay on designers to learn

   2.c This leaves someone with the task of creating an "design" suite with abilities flash had, but running HTML under the hood.

   2.d. Mobile browsing will drive this, but it hasn't happened yet.