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In Topic: ebook only or ebook plus physical book

15 October 2016 - 09:18 AM

First, I read alot of ebooks, and have owned a nook, a kindle paperwhite, and moonreader on a tablet.


But I still prefer books because:

1. Reading stuff with diagrams (popular science books)

2. Borrowing books (A family member says: I just finshed reading XYZ, would you like to read it?)

   3a. Passing a book I've read to my wife who doesn't own a kindle without having to give her my actual kindle, and without forcing her to read it on her tiny phone screen.

   3b ... from my wife ... without buying it again on my kindle

3. Tour books (I love lonely planet), because of maps, and because it's faster to turn pages on a subway then pulling out ebooks

4. Reading magazines (Try reading National Geographic on an ebook. While you can technincally do it, the experience is greatly inferior)

5. My mother-tongue is not spoken by many people, and is not supported on most ereaders. (I still read alot in English though)

6. Reading for my *small* children. (There are 50 reasons why basing child reading on tablets/ereaders is a bad idea)

   6a. They can more readily choose from a book-shelf then an app

   6b. They recieve alot of books as gifts

   6c. Child a likes to hold her book in her hand as she is waiting for me to finish reading a book for her sister

   6d. Sometimes at around the age of 2, they like to destroy books, so I'm not going to leave them alone with it

7. Comics, I like to read comics, some of which are indie, and not on ebooks, and most of which do not look as good on a tablet. (I wouldn't even think of reading them on E-Ink)


Solve these issues, and I'll gladly stop owning books. However, ebooks have been around for a decade, and these problems have not been solved in a fashion which is satisfactory to me. That being said, for english fiction, I do alot of reading in ebooks.

In Topic: What is the general name for types like Quadtrees and Octrees etc

13 October 2016 - 04:21 PM

Know that there is also Kd-trees. It's like BSP, but you don't store a vector-per-split; you just store a magnitude. Each split's axis is determined from its depth in the tree, modulo the number of dimensions, e.g. the root node splits on the X axis, the next level splits on the Y axes of the two X parts, the next level splits on the Z axes of the four Y parts, and the next level splits on X again. Ideally you want to split an equal number of elements to either side of each split.


The main advantages over BSP as a spatial search structure (as opposed to BSP's main uses in the 90s as a spatial *traversal* structure) is that the tree is easier to build, and there's no vector math involved to test which side of a split a point or object is on, only axis-aligned-bounds checks.


BSPs and KDtrees are very different entities with different uses.

They are like comparing Tomatoes and Oranges, while both are edible fruits, one would be used for salad and other for desert.


BSP: Very hard to create, Even harder to modify, but many unperformant edge cases of KD trees are avoided. A BSP's nodes are partitioned more efficently because they do not have to be aligined to anything. Costly creation times mean that BSPs are usually pre-calculated and not so good for moving objects like physics. But they are very efficient for things that don't move like scenery and such.


KDTrees - Are very easy to create and modify. As such they are excellent for physics.


It is worth mentioning that KD trees can be a little bit slower than octrees and quadtrees, but on the other hand they have the shortest and simplest code.

In Topic: 3D Model Artist Looking for Practice

09 October 2016 - 01:46 AM


We are looking for an artist,

Can you do low poly stuff as well?



We are a small international team, so this is not really local, but we can take a 3d artist at any capacity. (You don't have to take on everything by yourself)

In Topic: Virtual Reality Game Looking for 3D Modeller

09 October 2016 - 01:44 AM

Our current artist has less time now, so really looking for more help

In Topic: Virtual Reality Game Looking For Musician, Writer, And Game Designer

09 October 2016 - 01:41 AM

Thanks Guys,

Currently the positions of game designer and musician has been filled, As stated on my other "help wanted", I am looking for an additional artist though.