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In Topic: Game Idea. Your input & feedback is appreciated!

16 September 2010 - 09:40 PM

# Is it only me, or are many of you FPS gamers sick 'n tired of rehashed shooter campaigns, and you're dying for something fresh? Fresh like, think for example - Portal! Wasn't that fresh? "Didn't we have some fun though?" ;)
I am indeed dying for something fresh. I've been going through FPS's (and games in general) like nothing. Everything just seems like the same old stuff (which wasn't very fun to begin with), but with slightly different skin. Games always seem like a small slice of what they could, or even should, be.

# Is it only me, or are any of you gamers also (not such big fans of repetitive shooting, but rather you're) quite fascinated by scenery / storyline / detail / environment / atmosphere / plot, up to a point where sometimes shooting enemies is almost a chore to get out of the way just so that you can go further and discover more awesome environment & story?
I enjoy a game that blends everything together well. An interesting story (which I can take part in, change, help evolve, and not just follow a set path). As well as having a beautiful world that I can interact with. And allow me to kill, or do other things (like fish, make money by buying and reselling), have an interesting conversation with some random NPC, pretty much do whatever I want, to advance the story.

# Is it only me, or did it ever happen to you in some sci-fi FPS while wandering around hi-tech environments lined with machinery / computers / robots etc (Like in Doom 3 or such) that you wished you could actually operate these devices and do all sorts of cool stuff? Didn't you ever wish they were interactive and in fact very much a part of gameplay, and not just for decoration (or for the boring occasional push of a button / rotating a knob / entering a code here 'n there)?
Happens to me all the time. I'm tired of games looking amazing, but more than half of the stuff in them is just there for show, and you can't do anything with. Why have chairs or benches I can't sit in? Or food sitting around that I can't eat? Why have a computer screen or TV repeat the same exact thing over and over, without allowing me to change the channel or volume or something? I've seen games do this partially, but never to the extent that I would like them to.

In Topic: Absolute Beginner...

17 September 2008 - 03:54 PM

Hello and welcome to GameDev :D

In Topic: total C++/programming beginner looking for fellow noobs

17 September 2008 - 02:49 PM

Sorry ><

In Topic: Totally new to game dev'

17 September 2008 - 02:08 PM

Is this going to be an MMO or a one player game?

In Topic: Something for fun :)

16 September 2008 - 07:30 PM

Original post by metalman666

I congratulate you on your effort. A good read.[smile]

But i am not good at deciphering the meaning of some words. So what do you mean by "1337 story". I am an Sicilian by the way, not an English man.

1337 speak is short for Elite Speak, it's pretty much translating regular english into signs and number, like 1 = L, 3 = E, and 7 = T, so if you spelled leet out using that, you'd get 1337. Some people find it very annoying.

And since Elite (1337) means very good, or the best (like, I am one of the elite(best) coders).

So, if someone said their story is "1337", they mean that it is very good.

Most of the time, when people say they are 1337, they are considered arrogent(spelling).

Hope that helps a little, and doesn't confuse you more XD