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What are some good books for ios development?

24 March 2014 - 05:48 PM

I'm a programmer who usually uses C++, but I'm about to start doing iphone and android programming for some freelance gigs. I was wondering what are some good books to leaning objective-c and iphone development in general? I've read some articles on the differences between c and objective-c and find that there aren't too many, but I would love to have just a good informative book to reference. And I'll like to get savvy with the ios SDK. I played around with it, but I learn best through practical examples.

Brainstorming Multi-party combat systems

01 August 2013 - 11:41 AM

I'm preparing for a new game, but I'm having trouble choosing accessibility over strategic decisions for it. So I researched some combat systems for my parameters, wondering which will fit what I want. If any can add to this or give me some advice, I would love it, as there's games I've never studied that some of you might have.


Combat Ideas
These ideas are formed on the basis that the player will be controlling multiple characters.
1.      A turn based game ala Final Fantasy 10, where there is a visible ordered list of who goes next, along with actions either making turns come sooner or later along the queue, sometimes allowing one to go more than once before an enemy. This is due to cooldown times on actions and speed considerations of each character. Optional is allowing characters to switch out in battle with another character who is on the bench.
2.      Baldur’s Gate kind of game, where it’s real time, with the characters in the party able to move around the screen in formation and perform their actions when battle occurs. The player can select a character with the mouse, and then click on their target to attack them physically with the equipped weapon. Or they can have them perform another action, such as using a skill, an item, or even moving them to a position on the screen. The player can also pause the game and allow the player to choose the actions of each of their characters to have them perform when the game is unpaused. Allows a hybrid between real and turn based combat.
3.      A beat em’ up style rpg in similar vein to the Mana series (Secret of Mana, Seiken Dentetsu, Legend of Mana) and even the recent Dragon Crown by Vanillaware. This will allow a more action-packed battle system, in addition to supporting more multiplayer play. Players will have limited options to use as little buttons as possible, but the player can freely change out abilities and equipment outside of battle to prepare for future battles. Or, even allow changing of equipment or skillsets in battle with the cost of character stopping and going into a preparation charging state.
4.      An ATB system styled after Final Fantasy 10-2. Players and enemies can act at the same time once their time bars are filled and actions are taken, allowing for tactics such as stopping an enemy before it reaches a person through interrupting with player actions or chaining attacks together for bonus damage. Cooldowns and charge up times are also incorporated into this system, increasing strategic decisions. An optional feature is allowing characters to move to pseudo areas on the field (undefined close, mid range, far within the boundary of the battle area), allowing for things such as range, aggro, and distance-related tactics.




Story Planning Software

02 July 2013 - 08:05 PM

It's been years, but I remember downloading a specific program that allowed me to sort out information, research, characters, and plot points. I cannot remember if it was a script writing software or something else plot related. But since I probably won't remember it anytime soon, I was looking to see if any of you guys use a specific software to help organize your thoughts better or have a recommended list of them. Microsoft Word is okay, but it's not very intuitive to the organizing and creative process.



List of Video Game Design Exercises?

24 February 2013 - 03:08 PM

Hi. Is there like a list somewhere of compiled exercises for those who want to practice game design or mainly to review them? Something like "Make so and so game with so and so mechanic." I would appreciate it. I can never find this kind of article anywhere. And I learn better with a teacher-like assignment procedure.

Keeping a College Game Dev Club interesting

18 January 2013 - 05:21 PM

So, at my college, there's a new game development club that is entering its third semester. We're a fledging group between ten to forty depending on how many people show up weekly. So far, we've had little informative seminars from peers about the various areas of game development, from sound to graphics from those informed in that aspect of the media. We also have been upping our participation by sharing ideas and even forming into small groups to try to make small games between us.Last semester, we even took a group trip down to Austin GDC. 


Unfortunately, there's one problem the club has as a member, and the president has asked us all what we could do to make the club more of a club that will bring people here to stay and remain active, since the number of members dwindle as we go through each week, which may be due to school and not many activity in the club itself. One advisor came to us and said we should actually start showing our games and exposing them to show that the club is doing something. They also recommended participating in events to get our name out there. So far, we have been a bit of a presence at video gaming events that happen ever so often on campus, but it's usually just a table and a sign up.


I believe one idea is to have a more elaborate set up at these tables to have people walk over and test games on a nice presentative display.


I just wish to have some ideas from others in the community on how I can pitch some ideas in sprucing up this game dev club of ours. Thank you.