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#5184871 noob question - dark basic

Posted by on 03 October 2014 - 07:44 PM

I'm a writer, 2d cartoonist. I want to get into 2d game development so I can showcase my artwork and designs.

What about Dark BASIC? Or is there a simpler/better language to learn. JustBASIC? - or will that restrict me graphically.

I want to build games like RTS: The Sims, Close Combat, RPG: Phantasy Star, FInal Fantasy, Adventure: Discworld 2, Monkey Island,

Arcade: Galactic Swarm.


I'm not sure about Python or Lua, they seem gargantuan.

I'm thinking small in scale, say 30 levels but big in mechanics and simple graphics.


Does anyone know anything about BlitzMax?


I would love to get this kind of look for my games - http://www.gamedev.net/page/showdown/view.html/_/polyherder-games-r52147


I have posted an early brief for my first game Mogul 1: High School Hustler here - http://www.gamedev.net/topic/660318-ive-given-up-already-now-i-want-to-try-again-gml-or-something-else/


I decided to go with javascript, html5, css and css3.

#5176388 Where to start (kind of)

Posted by on 27 August 2014 - 03:39 AM

In my spare time and with all my spare money I run a small amateur game team - developing my first game with Blender - it's a robot simulation.

I'm writer/producer but I want to be more involved in the programming process.


What's the best system (programming language or tool/game engine) to learn for 2d games.


Here is my concept. Please help me. I'm frazzled.


Missions are things the player can do to earn money.
The goal is to buy stuff and earn more money and act like a pimp.
Quests are smaller steps needed to achieve in order to progress through a mission.
The game is set in high school. The goal of the game is to make money. There are six different enterprise missions. Money buys clothes, cigarettes, pies, pepsi and tattoos.
If Ned goes too long without pepsi he falls asleep.
If Ned goes too long without pies, he dies.
As long as Ned wears out of date clothes, he is in danger of being beaten up without provocation.
Unless he has completed the porno mission.
If Ned is dressed like a white rapper, goths will beat him up.
If Ned is dressed like a goth, other goths will congregate near him – potential customers.
If Ned is dressed preppy, girls will congregate near him – potential models, but goths will beat him up.
If Ned is dressed bland, or trendy, no one will beat him up. No one will congregate near him. He will have to be proactive to find customers.
Eventually Ned will die from malnourishment - Doctor: “What did you think? That you could live on pies and pepsi forever?” There is no way to avoid this ending.



“You must get rich, any way you can. There are six concepts floating around in your ambitious little brain for making money, right now. Choose one and go for it. You need to buy clothes, cigarettes, pies, pepsi and tattoos. So you need money. What are you waiting for? Do it Ned!”


Enterprise Missions

1.      Trading Cigarettes

2.      Selling stolen porno mags and cigarettes

3.      Starting a miniature painting business

4.      Selling stolen magic cards

5.      Betting on fights

6.      Selling erotic photos of female friends



I think my game will be edgy but not illegal, somewhat tasteful there will be censor bars ie cigarette brands/17 year old nudity.

I did 23hours learning C# and got bogged down with all the maths. apparently alot of it doesn't need to be known in order to make games.


so i gave up on C#. Flash is too expensive because adobe are aholes if you're not a student.

I hate html5 because CSS confuses me.

game maker seems restrictive. Can you do 2d in unity? and are there any good books on unity for absolute beginners?

Python seems like a mission.

WAAAAHHHHHH! help please?