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wanting feedback on two design ideas

29 March 2015 - 02:33 AM

I've finally settled on a programming language, python. Reading 10 pages each day, 70 pages and 7 days into it.

I have sketched a couple of pages for two game design ideas, and am interested in getting some feedback from experienced designers/writers.

It's not much documentation at this stage but that's why I'm looking for feedback, hoping to get some hints about where I can elaborate/what might need polishing. I'm about five books away from a proficiency in python but I do hope to be able to build at least a prototype of each idea in about 18 months.


I can email a pdf, so send me your email if you're keen to give me a critique.

noob question - dark basic

03 October 2014 - 07:44 PM

I'm a writer, 2d cartoonist. I want to get into 2d game development so I can showcase my artwork and designs.

What about Dark BASIC? Or is there a simpler/better language to learn. JustBASIC? - or will that restrict me graphically.

I want to build games like RTS: The Sims, Close Combat, RPG: Phantasy Star, FInal Fantasy, Adventure: Discworld 2, Monkey Island,

Arcade: Galactic Swarm.


I'm not sure about Python or Lua, they seem gargantuan.

I'm thinking small in scale, say 30 levels but big in mechanics and simple graphics.


Does anyone know anything about BlitzMax?


I would love to get this kind of look for my games - http://www.gamedev.net/page/showdown/view.html/_/polyherder-games-r52147


I have posted an early brief for my first game Mogul 1: High School Hustler here - http://www.gamedev.net/topic/660318-ive-given-up-already-now-i-want-to-try-again-gml-or-something-else/


I decided to go with javascript, html5, css and css3.

I've given up already, now I want to try again GML? or something else?

27 August 2014 - 04:06 AM

I did 23hours learning with a tutor - C# and got bogged down with all the maths. apparently alot of it doesn't need to be known in order to make games.


so i gave up on C#. Flash is too expensive because adobe charge a ridiculous amount if you're not a student.

I hate html5 because CSS confuses me.

game maker seems restrictive. I don't know if unity is the best fit when I want to make graphically simple mostly 2D games.

My favourite genres to make are adventure, strategy, simulation, application-esque (games that look like office software)

I got top of my school 98% in high school end of year algebra exam, then never studied maths again.

I got my degree in writing feature film screenplays. Now I write novels and am a movie critic. And conceptual designer.

I want to make 2d games in my spare time. I've coded in Logic and BBC BASIC. I tried to learn Liberty BASIC but got stuck at arrays. and those graphics aren't all that appealing. not to mention the audio. Amiga/Archimedes are the kind of graphics I aspire to. Or sega master system if you prefer a console comparison.


My game design influences are Vector (OUYA),  Earthworm Jim, Limbo, Streets of Rage, Discworld 2, Super Meat Boy, Fez, Kula World, The Sims, Close Combat and Syphon Filter. As well as Gynoug, Gain Ground, Populous, Hacker Evolution: Untold, Osmos, Jurassic Park and Robocop Vs Terminator.


and are there any good books on unity for absolute beginners? Is unity even a good choice if I want to specialise in 2d. and simple graphics.

Python seems like a mission.


What else is out there.


How much can you build in Game Maker?


For example if the following is my premise, can I make it in game maker? Or would I be better off with some other engine and/or language. I mean I could hire a tutor to teach me Game Maker and GML because I'm that stupid when it comes to maths.



Legacy of Justice – PC computer game

RPG with Digital Card Game elements

Written by MB





Hunting slug meat is illegal, when you get caught by the cops you change to Prison Mode.

When you get out of Prison Mode, you return to your Lab to see how your society has survived on your Lab resources while you were inside. Cops chase you in The Hunt Mode.


Player begins on the character creation page. Choose from a selection of ten unusual profiles. This will start you off, then you can customise your character from there. The game has five modes: Laboratory Mode, The Shop, The Hunt, The Bedroom, Prison Mode (which consists of two parts, the courtroom procedure where you find out how long you will be in prison, and then prison time where you try to survive and not go crazy. Both parts of Prison Mode take the form of a digital trading card game.


After character creation, the game begins in Laboratory Mode. Here you are presented with your lab, you need slug meat or slime. Slug meat and slime dissolves after one day, freezing or any other ways of preserving do not work. The only way to keep it is to turn it into fuel for your lab. Or sell it at the shop, where it goes on sale as food or fuel.Once consumed the ingestion slows the dissolving process so that you can digest it as food before it can dissolve. At the shop you can sell slime or snail meat, you can buy seeds to grow various useful plants or you can buy parts for your lab, or weapons for slug meat hunting. Or you can buy fuel, slug meat, slime, or even food made from slug meat/slime. (You can also grow edible plants in your lab.)


Player begins the game being initiated into the EcoNahn tribe – this tribe has a rule – members are not allowed to kill slugs. They can only stun the slug in order to collect slime. Killing slugs even by accident will get you kicked out of the tribe. Soldiers who are not a member of a tribe find many things more difficult – for example, you must rebuild your posse to protect you in prison. Also items in The Shop are more expensive as you don't intimidate the shopkeeper if it's just you.



Prison Mode


part one: The Courtroom Procedure

(digital card game)


the Tribes:


EcoNahn – ecology, to protect the world’s natural resources and only use

snail slime to survive.


AlkiHol – alchemy, to hunt and kill everything in your path and create the next

new fuel so that you don’t have to suffer the consequences of your actions,

when there are no snails left.


Algebraith – mathematics, to survive long enough to discover the method for

manipulating reality’s fabric and eternal life.


Storyline quotes on some cards:


Kendall Tankzos – 'God tells us not to kill each other, basic ecology tells us not to kill everything because we might need it. EcoNahn persuades us not to kill anything, except to preserve the vital needs of our existence and in that case, to act responsibly. There is no need to slay the meat slugs, we can sustain ourselves quite comfortably simply by collecting their slime.'


Merle Krunth - 'You're a fool, Kendall! There is only one way. And it is to exist

and use what we must. Science is the only non-variable. True science, the

works of AlkiHol. This is the way.'


Bishop of the Order of Algebraith, Bodurne Franklin - 'Old man, we'll never listen to one who still believes in

faeries. Your time is over!"


Playing Cards

Player is randomly assigned seven cards from two decks – 4 from prison and

3 from courtroom. At least 1 of these is a creature card. Player can attempt to

use two cards from this hand by placing the card/s in play, to use them he must spend a portion of the fuel in his lab, (shown as a note at the top right corner of the screen,) he must also meet the requirements of the card (XP, gang affiliation, street cred) and a dice roll under the value of the card decides whether the card is succesful.

Succesful cards have their effects initiated. After the two attempts, the hand is

discarded and the AI takes its turn. The player begins in the courtroom and

stays in the courtroom (only playing courtroom cards) until the sentence is

initiated by a card, then the mode is switched to Prison and only cards from

the Prison deck can be played. They stay in the Prison mode until the XP (in

years) reaches the Sentence, at which point the player returns to lab mode to provide for his neighbourhood. A player's neighbourhood can send care packages and do favours for the player while he is on the inside. A player without a neighbourhood misses out on this. A player without a tribe will find it difficult to join a gang, a solo soldier will find it difficult to survive in prison.



Example Hand


1) Image Rabid Zombie: Prison Deck, Undead Gang, Creature

Type, Value 3, XP 0, Street Cred 2, Effect Underling – every 4 years he

hits his controller

2) Image Stab Fresh Meat: Prison Deck, Undead Gang, Quick Type,

Value 2, XP 0, Street Cred 0, Effect +1 Street Cred

3) Image Initiation, Prison Deck, Undead Gang, Quick Type, Value 2, XP

0, Street Cred 1, Effect Success: +2 Street Cred and Gang = Undead,

Failure: -1 Street Cred

4) Image Wisdom of Years, Prison Deck, Undead Gang, Quick Type,

Value 3, XP 30, Street Cred 0, Effect +3 Street Cred

5) Image Nun’s Testimony, Courtroom Deck, Quick Type, Value 1,

XP 0, Street Cred 0, Effect +15 years to Sentence


6) Image DNA Evidence, Courtroom Deck, Quick Type, Value 1, XP 0,

Street Cred 0, Effect +8 years to Sentence

7) Image Community Service, Courtroom Deck, Quick Type, Value 2, XP

0, Street Cred 0, Effect +6 XP, Initiate Sentence


Prison Interface

The aim of the prison interface is to survive. In this part of the game the

player can either try to survive alone, or join a gang. If the player joins a

gang, this lasts for the length of the game; they cannot quit the gang or join

another gang. Once in a gang, the player may choose to recruit underlings

and/or attempt to hit the boss (a successful hit earns a promotion within the

gang to boss, but an unsuccessful hit earns an instant response of the boss

hitting the player using his best man - with a high chance of success. The

player only has one life, so it only takes one successful hit to die.) The player

can carry out hits by himself. He can earn Street Cred by playing minor cards

such as shiv a narcgang body art or gang bang fresh meat. Street Cred can

be used to play hit cards with higher values (ie higher chance of success.) Or

the player can order an underling to carry out a hit. If the hit fails, only the

underling is at risk of a counterattack, except in the case of breaking a truce,

which can result in a gang war. If the boss dies not by the player’s hand, the

player may be promoted, but not straight to boss if there is someone else

above him in the hierarchy. Some hit cards require a certain amount of XP as well as Street Cred. When the player returns to the world, he remains a member of any gang

he has joined. He may have to convince someone in his neighbourhood to do a favour for his gang. If the mission was ordered by the boss it is mandatory. If not, failing to carry out

this mission can result in an in-house hit attempt on the player, unless the

boss objects.



Card Statistics

On each card are requirements. XP is checked against player XP to see if

they are allowed to play the card. XP is equal to how long the player has

been playing the game in game years. Street Cred is something earned in

Prison. Street Cred is checked against player Street Cred to see if they are

allowed to play the card. Value initiaties the dice roll to test for a successful

play. Courtroom cards have no Street Cred requirements, some have XP

requirements. All prison cards have fuel costs. If you cannot play a card in prison you will quickly die, as you and your posse are being attacked by your opponent's cards.


Advice wanted for budding game developer

07 August 2013 - 11:52 PM

I'm a novelist. Interested in writing my own games, I'm also an amateur cartoonist. So this is where I'm coming from with my interest in game design. I used to write small pixelated games in BBC BASIC on an Archimedes BBC Micro emulator. After that I learned a bit of Logic in high school and got me a 98% in the algebra exam. Because I was able to learn it from books on high school certificate level. After that I moved away from maths and computers, spent more time learning filmmaking (4 years) got a degree in creative writing. And now my novel. But I'd like to get into game design and I've decided to attempt to learn Actionscript, Unity and Liberty BASIC. Because they are about my skill level at the moment. And I just want to get some ideas down and start to make them into something I can see. Unity is the main one I'm interested in (yes I know it's not a language.) Does anyone out there with some experience have any advice for a not-great programmer, but motivated guy with an aptitude for design, good work ethic and a great imagination?

Seeking MMORPG Addicts/Developers - feature article assignment

23 October 2008 - 06:08 PM

I'm a first year creative writing degree student. I'm writing a feature article for course about MMORPGs. I'm seeking to interview somebody who is either a hardcore gamer, or a developer.