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In Topic: Interoperability OpenCl DX11 portable with Nvidia, AMD,

20 November 2013 - 03:02 PM

Well, just try ;)


ok , I tried it does compile!! Thanks


When I run it on Nvidia hardware it crashes, so now I need someone to look at it which has an Nvidia hardware ...

In Topic: Interoperability OpenCl DX11 portable with Nvidia, AMD,

08 November 2013 - 03:42 PM

Thanks for your answer, yes but I am block before that, I cannot compile my program because I don't know


which is in the Nvdia SDK.


So yes that the idea, I can even use the GetPlatformInfo or GetDeviceInfo to know which extension I can use.


Even if I buy a new PC with Nvidia hardware my program won't compile anymore because I won't have AMD SDK installed on it.


So I come back with my initial question: 

What's happen if I install both graphics card SDK on a same PC ?? Can I really do that ?


I guess it's my only solution...

In Topic: Particle System Vidoes

30 September 2013 - 08:14 PM

I replied this private message that could be interested :



Just looked your particles, look nice.


Thanks for feedback !



What are your code external dependencies ? (graphics API & others / STL free? etc..)


I am using openCL to compute the physics simulation. You can use my physics library with any renderer, even mine if you want. I use DirectX11.



Is it based on graph compounds (emitter->filters->things) ?



Is it free ?



Physics particles simulation library is free, my renderer is free, the framework to have all demos and sample is also free smile.png I could send you a nice package where you should have only to press F5 to have it working...

If you need additional feature, manage other collision shape, or mesh, I  could develop them (also for free)

I have also some limitations that I could explain to you, and I also could remove them (also for free smile.png )

In Topic: Particles engine interface feedback

26 September 2013 - 04:07 PM

The thing that is not clear is: why do you call it PhysicsParticle while it's clear it's a whole particle system? Just call it ParticleSystem. ParticleSet...


Good point :)

In Topic: Particles engine interface feedback

26 September 2013 - 11:16 AM

Thanks for your feedback,


set up your data in SIMD-friendly way



Internally my data are SIMD friendly, I use SIMD vector, and allocations are aligned. I copy the given vectors, the user can delete or do whatever with the given data I don't keep any reference on it. Anyway it won't changed anything because internally I am using float4 from openCL. The use of the 

SetIsUsingCPU (true);

function also use openCL.


Why are you telling me about SIMD ? Do you think my perfs are terrible ?



I have no understanding what PhysicsParticle is because some methods seems to suggest it's a set of interacting particles


Yes it is. And you point out what is really bad; at this stage I only handle one set of particles, I have to remove this limitation...



not to mention we have particle indices in vrSpring. Some renaming appears to be needed.


The indices are referencing the particles positions set  by:

Initialize(vrVec4 *positions, int positionsCount);

0 -> first particle position.

Not sure to see what it is not clear there. but for sure there are some missing comments.

By the way I have done some other tests and I solve about 24 000 constraints (vrSpring) in 0.17ms, by removing a CPU transfer...




I see you have a lot of raw numbers in your youtube channel. That's good, but without a correlation to hardware in use they mean "runs".


Yes you're completely right I have a Radeon serie 79 something.I also have to use a a real profiler maybe. I am using my own at this stage...



Thanks for your comments, and if you want to try it I can give it.

I have a particle renderer, this particle interface and a framework which has a keyboard, a mouse control, a basic camera, and that use the physics output to give it to the renderer. I also have the different sample we can see on my Youtube channel.