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#4761734 Way to great sucess?

Posted by on 20 January 2011 - 01:55 AM

I dont really wana tell what the game is about.

I dont really wana tell what the way to great sucess is then.

#4758192 makefiles

Posted by on 13 January 2011 - 02:24 AM

Hey Thanks for the help. I installed the gcc-g++ and I got it to build the program. I used the "make" command to build the file, and I got it to build the file, and looking at the directory, I do see the object files. Now Can you
help me run the program and possibly produce an executable. Thanks

From what I see, typing "make" should give you the binary. Without parameters, make will look for the first target in the makefile. Typically, this is "all". "all" depends on "GLPK". So look at the rule to make GLPK, which tells it depends on ...

GLPK: main.o BioSequenceMatrix.o BinaryMatrix.o UnWeightedGraph.o Utils.o Utils2.o \
	SNPUtils.o BlockUtils.o HeuristicBlock.o Utils3.o BlockMCMC.o ExactBlock.o GenotypeMatrix.o \
	ILPSolver.o  glpk_wraper.o BlockILP.o

and in the next line it says ...

$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o RecBlock main.o BioSequenceMatrix.o BinaryMatrix.o UnWeightedGraph.o SNPUtils.o \
	Utils.o Utils2.o BlockUtils.o  HeuristicBlock.o Utils3.o BlockMCMC.o \
	ExactBlock.o GenotypeMatrix.o ILPSolver.o  glpk_wraper.o BlockILP.o \

the parameter -o RecBlock says that the name of the output file should be RecBlock.

#4757758 Platform abstraction using inheritance and factories

Posted by on 12 January 2011 - 09:48 AM

long GetTime()
#if defined(MY_WINDOWS_DEFINE)
	return getWindowsTime();
#elif defined(MY_LINUX_DEFINE)
	return getLinuxTime();
	#error Invalid platform

Fast, simple, and clean; no need for a class abstraction. In some rare cases it's worth doing something complex like you describe (e.g. if you have a multi-phase process that needs to retain state) but usually platform-specifics can be hidden fairly easily, at least unless you're doing something arcane.

Same argumentation, but I find this even more clean and less writing:

#ifdef WINDOWS
long GetTime {
	// some windows specific calls here
#elif LINUX
long GetTime {
	// some linux specific calls here
 #error meh

That is, for small functions like this. On a case by case decision, "inner cluttering" might be preferable. But imho, ideally, a function should be refactored then so it does not have inner cluttering.

Best of all is perhaps to use boost or Qt (or another cross platform api of your choice) for this.

#4757203 Robokidsgaming

Posted by on 11 January 2011 - 05:08 AM

All im doing here is selling games CHEAP!!!

6) You are being inconsequent. One time all you do is "selling games CHEAP!!!" the other time it is a facebook clone with an emphasis on game-dev.

Making games oh and making a living you said and i quote (grow up) as i am 19

I guess english is not your first english, so I don't further ride that wagon.

19 years is not really self explaining for being experienced. In fact, 99% of 19 year old people are still kids, without much experience in every aspect of real life (life itself, car driving, empathy, job (especially when job is programmer), boy/girlfriends).

and i have got a low paying job all i ask is for people to help and support my project. (i am also giving away games free)

Yeah yeah yeah. But you have to give ppl a benefit. Something that is not there already but might be of interest. Or something that is in wide use but can be done significantly better. Until now you have given no benefit at all.

oh and i have a member and thus there will be more.

That's a strange line of argumentation.
"I have a dog, thus I will have many dogs".
"I have a car, thus I'll have many cars"
"I have a penis, thus I will have many.".

#4756847 You Are Old ...

Posted by on 10 January 2011 - 02:16 PM

I feel old because I had an A: and a B: drive. And I approve of every post in this thread.

I had only an A: drive, therefore I am just half as old. Otoh, I know this:

Posted Image

Oh yeah.

Us talking about floppy disks must be like when the bearded ones talk about punchcards et al, zomg.

#4756731 You Are Old ...

Posted by on 10 January 2011 - 11:30 AM

... if the answer to the following question is obvious to you: http://superuser.com...drives-used-for .

Have you taken your medicine already?

#4640627 Prefixing names using some notation

Posted by on 27 April 2010 - 09:50 PM

Original post by nullsquared
Original post by Giedrius
saves you the time of going to see their declarations,

You mean the 0.2 second mouse-over tool-tip delay? Or the 0.2 second right-click -> go to declaration/definition?

Sorry for the late reply. If you know the right keystrokes (for me F12 under MSVC (at work!), F2 in QtCreator, e.g.), it is just 0.036 seconds.

#4512958 Procedural tree generation

Posted by on 19 August 2009 - 09:53 PM

Original post by irreversible
The terms you might want to try and google are "IFS" (integrated fractal systems), "L-Systems" (Lindemeyer systems) and "procedural" - although you'll most likely want to look at IFS rather than L-Systems. These should get you started.
s/integrated fractal system/iterated function system/

Why should IFS better than L-Systems? Last time I checked, IFS were great for creating fluffy fractals (excerpt), and L-Systems where just great stuff for creating artificial flora, and if you look at Aristid Lindenmayer's job, it's specifically biologist.

About L-Systems: Algorithmic Botany: Publications (at the bottom, you'll also find the free book "The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants", it's the reference on how to use L-Systems for flora).

L-Systems can even be used to create Architecture or whole cities.

One problem of L-Systems is that there is yet no known analytical method of transforming a given shape into an l-system (there exists a genetic one for parametric L-Systems: click; haven't checked the paper yet). Btw, for some motivation, have a look at xfrog, especially those collections.

For more techniques, have a look at vterrain's plant page.

Sidenote: Every programmer who is only slightly interested in terrain scenery should bookmark vterrain.org.

edit: While I am smashing urls, their newest paper looks damn sexy.