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Week of Awesome II > Week of Awesome II - Post Mortem

Posted 30 September 2014

So this is a summary of my feelings about my game “Little Jimmy”, or like whatever. So read it and take my bad advice.

What Went Right?

The Idea
Whether you think the idea is “fun” or not is up for debate, but the fact is that the idea was very simple and reasonable to make within one week. Right from the beginning I knew I had to come up with an id...

Week of Awesome II > Week of Awesome II - Day 7

Posted 28 September 2014

Time’s up! I haven’t actually done much in the past 24 hours because I’m currently being butchered by the flu. I was going to do a post-mortem for this post but I might do it tomorrow instead. I did fix a few minor problems and I now have (vaguely) written instructions on how to play. I also reduced some texture sizes, and lost litres of boogie in the pro...

Week of Awesome II > Week of Awesome II - Day 6

Posted 27 September 2014

Today’s post is a bit late, but worth the wait. I spent the day mostly finishing levels, adding sounds, some animation, a better user interface to find which toys are selected and a whole lot of bug fixing. I’ve also got my prototype ready! I’m not sure how playable it is, but hopefully it is somewhat alright because I won’t be doing much tomorrow (I woke...

Week of Awesome II > Week of Awesome II - Day 5

Posted 26 September 2014

I was hoping to release some sort of playable prototype today but, yeah... life.
I actually have all of my levels in and I think they all work properly (I haven't done much testing yet). I also got the music in though it's really crappy. I just recorded it from my piano so it goes off time (because I can't play with a metronome) and I think there's even s...

Week of Awesome II > Week of Awesome II - Day 4

Posted 25 September 2014

Are past the halfway mark already!?http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/sad.png

The last day has been spent modelling and texturing (as bad as I am at both of these things). I have an actual level emerging now:

There's not much else to tal...