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In Topic: Once you go OO, you never go back?

19 December 2012 - 10:21 AM

After you understand OO, you should try functional programming too. Not all languages support it properly, but you can usually manage, even with Java. Learning functional programming will help make your code more maintainable and bug free, even if you use OO. The best part is that you can mix and match OO and FP(though some people think OO and FP are mortal enemies. IMO they are wrong)

In Topic: I feel paranoid about taking programming/CS classes

13 December 2012 - 12:17 AM

That is the fear of failure and it is not just limited to school. You just have to get over it. Just look what was the result when you failed the last time. You learned that stuff anyway and you can just retake the course. You lost almost nothing.

In Topic: Can I avoid the hassle of these IDE's?

19 July 2012 - 11:04 AM

If it is possible to use a text editor and a compiler to do C++, please I'll read a 10,000 page tutorial over keep on fighting these IDE's. It would seem to me it's possible, just most rely on the IDE to take care of certain things that could likely be done fairly simply in one's code or with an additional library file.

The reason you hate the C++ IDE's is that you haven't read that 10 000 page tutorial that explains how C++ compilation works. You don't yet know why you have to jump so many loops in an IDE, but you have to set up those same things on the command line and it's even harder. You just don't know what you are doing but learning to do it by hand could actually be a great learning experience. You would learn why you have to do the things you do in IDE.

Last time I programmed C++(years ago) I had to pray I would get the right settings and libraries and it would still work on other computers too. C++ is complicated and I didn't have time to learn everything about compiling and linking with C++. I wasn't using an IDE either. It's not the IDE's, it's the language(or it's compilation model).

In Topic: IGNORE the expectation to perpetually add content!

25 January 2012 - 02:56 PM

One thing that irks me is that gamers demand longer and longer singleplayer campaigns. But I'd rather take an 8 hour long excellent campaign than 20 hour good campaign. I might not even finish the longer campaign because I get bored, but you can be sure that I will play the excellent campaign multiple times. There are so many excellent games nowadays that I don't have time to play long games that are just good. You just wasted millions in dollars in development if majority of players won't bother to finish the game, no matter how good it is. Quality over quantity any time*!

* Obviously withing limits

In Topic: Wired: "western game, bad bad" say japanese

13 November 2011 - 02:27 AM

In addition to any of that, that the article specifically mentions open-world games, which run contradictory to the cultural preference for well-defined goals that can be seen in jRPGs. Japanese entertainment in general tends to have stronger storytelling which expects more attention span and maturity from its intended audience than western entertainment aimed at the same age group; this is most clearly seen in the fact that Western TV and comics are often episodic, while Japanese TV and manga are rarely so.

But there is a reason for that. If your show is serialized, you can't just start watching it middle of the season and know what's going on. Though serialized provides more story line, it is more inconvenient. Just heard of the amazing TV show Game of thrones? But it is already on episode 6? Too bad, you can't watch it anymore.