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slicer4ever's Journal > WoA IV - Looking towards WoA V.

Posted 29 August 2016

Good day to everyone, with the WoA IV wrapping up i'd like to create another yearly post-mortem from my perspective on things, and what i have learned this year for next year. 
First of all i'd like to apologize for the initial announcement coming the way it did, I tried to silently skip out on the responsibility's for this years event, and that was...

slicer4ever's Journal > WoA IV - My Results

Posted 27 August 2016

This is my scoresheet and feedback on each game, please note the feedback is under the scores, not above them! ----
Team: 7 day masochists
Game: nameless
Download: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByRMOIz9rEO0NFlIUkg1MDlwVkE&usp=sharing
Members: IYP, newt
Tech: - Gameplay: 15/25
Graphics: 16/20
Theme: 10/20
Audio: 7/10
FTUE: 4/10

slicer4ever's Journal > WoA IV - Post mortom

Posted 14 August 2016

Ah, it's done, 1 hour to spare i might add! The level editor proved to come through, and i was able to build 4 levels, the 4th being my most massive. It was a pretty intense week, going from "this doesn't seem to look right", to "this looks amazing!" was a wild moment. having that first real level load up and the lighting system come to life was a moment...

slicer4ever's Journal > WOA IV - Day 6

Posted 14 August 2016

Today has been productive as all hell. having the level editor done has freed up so much time in designing things, i was a bit worried about how the shadow system would play out, but now with a real level i think it works phenominally well. Pathing generation is done, collision systems are done, audio is 90% done, ai is done. goddamn all that's left is so...

slicer4ever's Journal > WoA - Day 5

Posted 12 August 2016

Damn it's been a long day, the map editor took way to long, but alas it is done, and i quite like her i might say. she could find use in the future. wiring up so many ui elements, was a damn chore, and am thankful to be done with the majority of it. I do need to think of a better system for storing the registered events as right now it's fairly lazy list...