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game server and authentication server behind same lan issues.

11 March 2016 - 04:15 PM

i'm having an issue that i'm unsure how to solve, it basically comes down to this. i've divided my master authentication server from individiual game servers that run concurrently from each other. basically the idea is that as demand increases/decreases i can spin up or down more game servers. now then, a problem i've recently realized is that having both my authentication and game server behind the same lan is creating issues in what ip is reported to my master server, which in turn incorrectly tells my clients incorrect ip addresses.

basically it seems i need to isolate my master server behind it's own public ip address, as any server/clients inside it's lan is going to report the local lan ip to the server instead of the public ip address i actually need so that i can tell other clients how to locate individual servers.

basically what i'm asking is their some settings on a router which might be able to tell it to make all internal communications look like they are coming from the internet side of things, instead of the local side?

almost fell for a phishing email

30 August 2015 - 12:23 AM

so, today i was nearly fooled by a phishing email, and had chrome not alerted me, i would have potentially provided one of my passwords to them.

So, this is what happened and how i was tricked, because of the contest i'm currently doing alot of paypal traffic. suddenly today i get a paypal phishing email(i do find this a bit odd to be honest though). First thing is the account in question actually isn't my current active account, but I was worried at first it was talking about my active account. So i go directly to paypal, login and no warnings. check the email and see it's talking about my old account. log into that one on paypal, and no warnings there. so i change that accounts password, and go back to the email(this is not an excuse for my actions, had i better inspected the email i would have caught the fact before foolishly attempting to use their links).

This is the part that i missed, and is why i so casually made this mistake(and actually why i'm making this post), When i get an email, i always double check where the link is actually going to send me, this one was going to send me to:


I made a grave mistake in not realizing paypal is the subdomain, and com is the domain. i just casually thought "webapp" was the page, and not the actual .com address(what is this part of an address called anyway?). anyway, it made me realize that this form of phishing is now possible, it's much easier in my opinion to pass off a fake url since now com is a legitimate domain name, something like "paypal.com.com" would have made me take a double look, but i casually glanced over the "webapp" part, and didn't give it a second thought.

After this i took a longer look at the format of the email, and realized further what a fool I was, as there were several other signs that should have tipped me off.

But anyway, i found this form of url faking as a bit scary, and now I don't think i'll make a similar mistake in the future. Hopefully reading this might save someone else in the future as well.

Week Of Awesome III - The Afterparty/judging thread!

16 August 2015 - 10:03 PM

Well another year, another week is done! Congratulations to everyone whom competed! Creating a game in a week is no small task, and I am quite proud of what you guys accomplished! Once again I've compiled everyone's journals together and took notes of how many posts you did in the competition thread. I also made note of cross posting(responding to others, commenting on others journals). I compile this not just for us judges to use, but also for anyone who wants to go through each team's works, and see how they did things! Once again congrats to everyone whom competed, I think it's been another great year, and I've also taken plenty of notes on how to hopefully improve things for next year. With that said i'd like to also take this thread as a place to be used to talk to fellow contestants, and enjoy the games folks made.

Admin Thread: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/668847-the-week-of-awesome-iii-the-third-annual-unofficial-gamedevnet-competition-administration-thread/
Competition Thread: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/670757-week-of-awesome-iii-the-competition-thread/
Results Post: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/670965-week-of-awesome-iii-the-afterpartyjudging-thread/?view=findpost&p=5249412

Results will also be posted in this thread when we are finished. Remember that many of us judges have day jobs, so please allow us to the end of august at the latest to finish judging. I'd also like to add that with the help of Eck whom created a great judging scale: http://www.gamedev.net/blog/2108/entry-2261430-ecks-unofficial-judging-officially-explained/ which i'd like to refer to here as well. This should give you a better sense of what scoring in each category means related to your game:


With that out of the way, you can find each team's progress listed here:

Team: Slaughterhouse Gaming - riuthamus, shadowisadog, ByteTroll

Team: Koding Nights - dkoding

Team: AngeReveur

Team: Something fun - ryan20fun

Team: DifferentName

Team: Ovensparrow - MarioLuigiMan, Onigiri Flash

Team: New Old Things: - endurion

Team: Mud Pit - Lactose!

Team: Oddfellow Games - WASDMagician

Team: SpaghettiSauce - __Toz__

Team: Thaumic Games - Thaumaturge

Team: StoutWalrus - ArThor

Team: Unicore - Orymus3

Team: BecauseNerdsCanBSexy2 - Alienguard

Team: YAG - lede, zylick, and janderson2005

Team: mousetail

Team: Aletheia Game Studios - Cefleet, Matthew P., Rebecca V.

Team: Casey Hardman

Team: That Big Fat Chicken team - brunoscholz, KalVasFlam

Team: Mussi

Team: CodeMus - IYP, GTE, newtechnology, iDingo

Team: Calinabris

Team: hu3 team - rodolfodth, devn00b

Team: Great White North Productions - XXChester

Compiled Archive:
.rar: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7OCTMofiWbhM2FBcEdySXdGVUk (~727MB)
.zip: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7OCTMofiWbhYkpuamxnYWRTeDg/view?usp=sharing (~874MB)

Thanks again folks for competing, in all we had 24 entry's!

Please note if you want to be considered for the reviewers reward, you must leave a link to your reviews here! All reviews must be submitted by august 1st.

Current Reviewers

Here is an optional scoring sheet you can use for reviewing:


Week of Awesome III - The competition Thread

09 August 2015 - 10:00 PM

For any administration issues/rules/questions, please post in the administration thread This thread is for actual competition updates/submissions and discussion only.

The competition has begun, this years theme:

Death is Useful.
This is all i will say about the theme, I will leave it upto you to creatively incorporate it into your game.

To submit a game, just post it to this thread. Don't worry if you're not on the interested or team lists in the administration thread; anyone is welcome to post a game during the competition (posting a game in the thread is all you need to do to officially enter into the competition). I highly encourage participants to post their games here at least a few days before the competition ends and for GDNet users to download these games, test them out, and give feedback (especially if there are bugs or crashes). You can resubmit/update your game during the competition with updates/fixes/changes/whatever. Only your latest/most recent entry will be judged (but must be submitted before the competition ends). See the administration thread for a full list of rules.

Good luck to all our competitors!

compositing images.

27 July 2015 - 06:04 AM

I'm looking for suggestions on the best way to approach a problem.
Lets say i have a 2D character, he can wear dynamic armor, facial features, and hair. So my first problem i have is how to do this. Their are two methods that come to mind:
Draw base character, draw facial features, draw armor, draw hair. Basically we store all the components seperatly, but layed out so that i can draw it in layers. However their is a major problem i have with this method(besides having to do 4 draws per character), each animation frame is going to require every armor set to be animated as well, every facial feature animated, all the hair also to match. Creating any additional armor/facial/hair means making that entire animation set. Basically i see things as getting out of hand for generating all these potential assets.

An alternative method would be to potentially do pallete swapping or uv mapping, but this still doesnt necessarly play nice with a number of potential designs(such as hair).

So i'm asking are there tools for making this type of overlay art easier to craft? Or are their approaches i havent considered that could severly lower the work load?