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Generating a minimap

13 September 2014 - 04:49 PM

so, i'm working on a minimap for an rts right now, and it's coming along alright. right now i want to generate the background geometry for the minimap, but i'm unsure how to create a good quality background image.

at the moment when i start a game i generate a texture that is the same size as my world map(in this case 256x256) i then go through each tile and check what image they are using to be drawn as, and take the center pixel and draw this to my minimap.

this produces this result:


which is relatively bland. some ideas are to sample the surrounds pixels from the center to get an average color, or even sampling random pixels in the texture for the minimap to draw from, but i think both of these aren't going to solve my issue.

any suggestions on what i can do to improve it

The Week of awesome II! - The second annual unofficial gamedev competition!

24 August 2014 - 06:04 PM

one year ago, we did a gamedev contest known as the week of awesome: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/646780-the-week-of-awesome-unofficial-gdnet-competition/
since cornstalk isn't very active these days, i thought i'd take up the mantle and run a second competiion, but i'd like to get a poll of those whom would be interested.

The Week of Awesome II

For Information about the contest, see this thread: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/645699-upcoming-unofficial-gamedev-competition
When is this years?

This years will take place from midnight(00:00:01) September 22nd to midnight(00:00:01) September 29th. all times are EST GMT -5. 

Currently: Well be decided on Friday, the 29th.

This is not currently set in stone, and is subject to change.

[UPDATE: i've added a poll to get a feeling for the best week that people can do this, please vote on all the weeks you'll feel you can adequately participate in.

Where is this years?
It's still on the internet, right at this very site!

What are this years rules?!
They are still the same as last years:

With exception to the available platforms, stay tuned to see what the judges can do this year!

We have a list of our platforms for this year:

-Windows 7/8
-IE 11

unfortunately we only have 2 judges capable of both mac/linux, which puts it out of the running for the 3 judges to test. also i don't want to discourage mobile games, however last year it was a slight problem with one of the games that were built for iOS could only be tested by one judge, so this year i'm going to remove the mobile testable platforms, however that does not mean you can't design your game for mobile system, just be prepared for it to be played on a desktop is all.

we also have several gamepads available for use during testing, so don't shy away from making gamepad enabled games!

What's the criteria this year?
This year we are changing things up a tad bit in how scoring is to be handled:
The contest will be judged by the following categories:
  • Gameplay/fun factor: 25 pts
  • Graphics: 20 pts (that is, does it look good, aesthetically, and do the graphics contribute to or detract from the game experience?) (note: it's not a contest of who has the most realistic graphics; rather, this category is about how well the graphics help the game express itself and create an engaging experience for the user)
  • Theme: 20 pts (that is, how well the game incorporates the theme)
  • Audio: 10 pts (similar to the above, but with audio)
  • First time user experience: 10 pts (that is, is it easy to install and run and start playing?) (clarification: your game doesn't need an installer; in fact, a download-and-play (without an installing process) is probably even preferable; what I meant by "easy to install" is that it includes all the necessary dependencies (or has good instructions for obtaining/installing necessary dependencies) such that a user can easily run you game without having to fight it; you'll also want to include at least some minimal instructions or a tutorial/in-game hints/tips).
  • Participation: 10pts(that is, you post to the relevant threads on your progress, post dev journals, and in general participate with the rest of us rather than locking yourself away until your done. you don't have to go overboard, but a post every couple days with what your doing/upto will likely net you these 10 pnts)
  • Judges score: 5 pnts(this score is up to each individual judge, with no individual category to hold them down, overall it's up to each judge to define what criteria they will choose for this category!)
Expect a grand total of 100 points, you'll notice that we've reduced the amount you get from First time user experiance, and increased the points to gameplay/fun. we've also added the participation and judging category. with the participation category i'm hoping to see more input from members throughout the week, and promote a greater atmosphere for us about the competition! and with the judging category, we give them a tiny bit of room to play with for their individual feelings on each person's game.

How do i get participation points?
Great question, when the competition is going on, by posting journals, pictures, or links to wip builds you will garner a certain amount of participation in the community. what we want to foster is an atmosphere of development over one where each participate is working quietly alone.

you can also use the hashtag: #gdnjam on twitter to post images, but it'd be easiest for us to observe it when it's here on gamedev itself. their are many ways to gain participation points, so just be sure to post often!

Who are the judges?!I have found all our judges!

However Judging is not going to be dealt with in the same manner as last year. I personally felt like a big disappointment with last years competition was that we received no individual scoring of each category, as such we were given final scores, and that was it, no feedback, or anything. This year each judge is expected to compose something similar to this: http://www.gamedev.net/blog/1587/entry-2258640-week-of-awesome-my-game-reviews/ this means individual scores to each category, and at least some form of feedback for the game being played. If you believe you can do this, send me a pm then!

As for submitting games for judging, once again see the original thread: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/646780-the-week-of-awesome-unofficial-gdnet-competition/

Note: Being a judge does not bar you from participating, however it does mean you are exempt from claiming any prizes! as such, if for example you come in first, instead of receiving first prize, that prize would instead go to second, second go to third, etc.

So what do we get if we win?

Current prizes are:
1st place
- 150$ USD*
- 150$ USD* - Thanks to stormynature
- 100$ USD* - Thanks to lactose
- a special gamedev title to reflect your winning!
2nd place
- 50$ USD*
- 50$ USD* - Thanks to stormynature
- 50$ USD* - Thanks to lactose
3rd place
- 25$ USD*
- 25$ USD* - Thanks to stormynature
- 50$ USD* - Thanks to lactose
4th place
- 25$ USD* - Thanks to orymus3 
5th place
- 10$ USD* - Thanks to 0sok

- all participates will receive some rep as well!
I am currently looking for anyone whom wishs to donate to the prize pool, if you'd like to add to this, please send me a PM.

*All money payments well be done via paypal, if paypal is not possible we will attempt to reach an agreement with something like a steam gift card, or w/e can make it work for you. cash payment will be divided among members in a similar way as last year*

So who's doing this?

If you are interested, please drop a post below, as it stands these are the currently known interested members:
Servant of the Lord     Blog: Pixel → Tile → World
minibutmany               Blog: -
endurion                      Blog: -
ryan20fun                    Blog: -
navezof                        Blog: -
riuthamus                     Blog: http://www.riuthamus.com/?project=the-harvest
dsm1891                      Blog: -
stu_pidd_cow               Blog: -
eric rufelt                      Blog: -
geartreeentertainment Blog: -
sugavanas                   Blog: -
mousetail                     Blog: -
saen t mcbeth              Blog: -
td25                              Blog: -
orymus3                       Blog: -
0sok                             Blog: -
thaumaturge                Blog: http://www.gamedev.net/blog/1923-the-week-of-awesome-ii-thaumaturge/
mussi                           Blog: -
themasterrat                Blog: -
d000hg                        Blog: -
stenol26                       Blog: http://sjs-studio.com/en/
dmatter                        Blog: http://www.gilldave.co.uk/blog/
Night Lone                   Blog: -
garrett hoofman           Blog: http://teamopifex.com/
aldacron                       Blog: -
jackoatley                     Blog: -
fusoy                            Blog: -
b boy 212                     Blog: -
yellowkitsune                Blog: -
technogoth                   Blog: -
cefleet                          Blog: http://aletheiagamestudio.com/?cat=4
johnnycode                  Blog: -
newtechnology            Blog: -
dixus                            Blog: -
gezegond                     Blog: -
lootheo                         Blog: -
trueerror                       Blog: GD.net Journal
eck                               Blog: Eck's Journal - Still Flying
shadowisadog             Blog: -
m_juststarting Blog: -
do note that you do not have to be an interested member to participate, nor even drop any sort of message at all. so long as we receive your game submission before the end of the competition, you will be entered!

Are there any teams?
Servent of the lord is himself and one friend
Garrett Hoofman and his teammate Kirk.Roerig are competing as Team OPifex
Riuthamus is competing with two others as Slaughterhouse Gaming!
dsm1891 has notified me he's looking for a special team member to work with!
0sok is competing with his girlfriend as graphics!
mussi is looking for an artist to team up with!
themasterrat has teamed up with a few folks
night lone is competing with a composer friend!
Jackoatley is competing in a team!
b boy 212 is competing with a friend!
sugavanus is competing with a friend, they are looking for a sound designed to fill out their team!
newtechnology is looking for some folks to be on a team
Eck will be competing under the team banner of "Sill Flying"
m_JustStarting is competing with Davidjo and adamc762 under the team banner of "New Syntax"

I encourage team names, so please drop one in when your announcing your teams!
also, please remember that: "you may leave your team at any time (though I suggest you don't be a jerk and leave your team stranded). You may join a team at any time before the competition. Once the competition starts, you may still leave your team, but you may not switch to a new/different team. Additionally, once the competition starts, you may join or form your own team at any time, provide that you (and your members) were not previously on a team."

mobile editing posts.

20 August 2014 - 02:32 PM

on my mobile browser(android, firefox here), if i edit an post, and click save. it sits there with the 3 dot's on the top. now then, it seems to actually save the edit when i reload the page, but it'd still be nice if it switched out of the edit mode when you successfully edit a post like it does on desktop.

Mobile chat sounds.

18 July 2014 - 03:50 PM

Alright first of all, i was sitting in chat on my phone in a restraunt when someone entered and that goddamn doorbell sound played, several people turned to stare at me l...it was very annoying. Can we make the noises opt-in, not opt-out please. Many times i've been alone at home when that thing goes off and i check my door before i realize it was the chat.

Secondly, the mobile version of chat could use some serious improvments. The sidebar(including buttons to disable sounds) are completly omitted. If someone starts a private chat with you, there is no way to return to the main chat, even with a refresh.

In short could someone please tinker with the chat settings to make it more usable on mobile.

MSVC incorrectly matching overload's.

25 June 2014 - 07:29 AM

hey folks, i'm having an issue with with function overloading of variable arguments in c++ on msvc.


i get the following error:

error C2666: 'QWFont::DrawTextf' : 2 overloads have similar conversions
1>          c:\users\admin_tc\projects\qwengine\includes\qwfont.h(293): could be 'QWVector2i QWFont::DrawTextf(QWBaseMesh *,const QWVector4 &,const QWVector2i &,const char *,...)'
1>          while trying to match the argument list '(QWMesh<VertexType> *, QWVector2i, const char [17], int)'
1>          with
1>          [
1>              VertexType=QWVertex_UI
1>          ]
first of all, it only tells me the first of the two options it want's to match, so i'm pretty much assuming the other method is the one i want.
the correct method that i'm trying to get is declared like so:
QWVector2i DrawTextf(QWBaseMesh *Mesh, const QWVector2i &Position, const char *Text, ...);
and the incorrect method like:
QWVector2i DrawTextf(QWBaseMesh *Mesh, const QWVector4 &ClipPlane, const QWVector2i &Position, const char *Text, ...);
i'm calling the method like so:
Font->DrawTextf(UIMesh, QWVector2i(0, Font->GetDefaultGlyphTable()->GetMaxHeight()), "Mode: Shape - %d", 0)
what i don't understand is to make this work the compiler is trying to force the second parameter to become a QWVector4, which is not possible.  i have no functions to convert between the two, so i'm unsure why the compiler is thinking QWVector2i can satisfy QWVector4 parameter.
thanks for the answers.