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In Topic: My Browser Game - Applo

07 February 2012 - 06:55 PM

Yes yes!

In Topic: Am I on the right track?

28 November 2010 - 04:40 PM

The game industry is fun...but hardly relaxing. Creativity wise? Most likely you won't really have much of your own creativity, you'd be most likely making what people already tell you to make. However, when you go up in rank and job station, more and more creative control will fall on you.

It is hardly ever relaxing though. Prepare for 18 hour work days, tight deadlines, frustration, (lot's of it), things breaking apart, not working, etc.

Big misconception is that the game industry is a lot like playing a video game. When I went to college for my game art and design bachelor's most people went in with an attitude that if you like to play games and can either program or draw you should go make video games. By the end of the first year, a good third of the students in my department dropped out.

In Topic: Making an MMORPG in VB

19 February 2009 - 02:55 PM

Please hold on, stop, and ask yourself the following questions:
Do I have the thousands if not millions of dollars to dedicate to a risky project?
Do I have the time and energy to dedicate to this?
Do I have the skills to lead a team of at least 10-40 people?
Can MY Idea compete with the current MMORPG market?
Do I have the patience for such an endeavor?

If to any of those questions your answer is no, drop the idea. Drop it for at least a decade. Learn to program. Work at a game company. Learn the tricks of the trade, the shortcuts, the mechanics. Work yourself up to lead, director, and then one day you can get the experience, the prestige, the knowledge to get the funds to get the project YOU want started.

Until then. You and a lot of people on these forums really need to re-evaluate where they are at.

In Topic: Need Programming Advice on Certain Internet Engine

14 February 2009 - 12:20 PM

IP, licensing, and website is already done. I am looking strictly for the programming costs

In Topic: 7 Deadly Sins I learned from a Starter Up

16 December 2008 - 06:05 AM

good news its going to be turned into an article in January, stay tuned, for I elaborate on things a lot more.