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Journal Entries

Grand Strategy: Space War > Unity, here we come!

Posted 12 October 2014

Some of you may already be aware that I was part of the Week of Awesome II jam a few weeks back (and finished 4th! yay!).
I've already explained my reasons to participate in this event, and one of them was merely to test Unity and see how it could affect my production workflow.
Following the competition, I made the decision to use Unity for my ongoing pro...

The Week of Awesome II > V2.00! (Easy Mode)

Posted 10 October 2014

Just thought I'd give everybody a rest and fix the controls.
You can now play the 'Easy ' mode!

Notable changes:
- Increased the mass of the car
- Reduced angular drag of the car
- Drastically increased acceleration to compensate for mass
- Drastically increase rotation to compensate for mass and insure more responsive turns

The car still doesn't feel...

The Week of Awesome II > Results are in!

Posted 10 October 2014

Team: Cefleet:
Game: The life of a bear
Game Link: http://aletheiagamestudio.com/builds/lifeofbear/
Archive Link: Web based game, follow game link
Platform: Web

Overall I liked this entry, but I think the focus should've put towards having a small array of multi-purpose tools that are easy to find, but let the playe...

The Week of Awesome II > Epilogue - A Post-Mortem on "The Life of Phillip Morris"

Posted 29 September 2014

Epilogue - A Post-Mortem

"That chilling moment when I have learned the truth,
and suddenly, my car became nothing more than a toy.
I had lost innocence on that day,
and I fought tooth and nail to get it back"

- Phillip Morris

About the game (SPOILERS, you have been warned! )

"The Life of Phillip Morris" is a game developed ex...

The Week of Awesome II > Chapter 7 - Delivery!

Posted 28 September 2014

Chapter 7

Here we are, the competition is finally over!

Here is my Build .
(I've hosted in for convenience, so I can easily issue new builds as the day progresses until the Final countdown elapses.) - Thanks @TheMasterRat for the wonderful link!

Things I managed to sneak in:
- Putting actual floor everywhere (*facepalm!*)

Things I might be able to...