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The Week of Awesome IV > Post-Mortem

Posted 27 August 2016

At last, time to reflect on WoA IV. 2 weeks have gone by since completion of the project, and I was on Holidays.
For the most part, I didn't give much thought to WoA except on a few occasions where I browsed gamedev wondering where voting was at. This morning, I received a note from Slicer which indicated the results were in.
I've awaited the ju...

The Week of Awesome IV > Epilogue

Posted 22 August 2016

I've taken the time to reflect on the competition now and decided to do a short pre-post-mortem (as I do intend on revisiting after seeing comments from the judges). 
Why did I join?
Bluntly put, I wasn't supposed to, but at the last minute, my schedule opened up for that very week. I'm an avid fan of this event, and had participated twice before (W...

The Week of Awesome IV > Day 7 - Learning to 'Man Up'

Posted 14 August 2016

So I'm done whining about the day I may have lost to a thunderstorm/tornado combo attack. Instead, I chose to actually get stuff done today. My original list for the day was quite extensive, and I've had to make a number of quick-decisions to insure I'd get the most value done on-time for release time (for which my last submission must've been 15 min...

The Week of Awesome IV > Build Instructions

Posted 14 August 2016

Orymus' Prometheus (a 'The Week of Awesome IV' gamejam entry)  Build Location
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1nSU4JSGSWiNWo0SHBtcWh2eHM/view?usp=sharing  Recommended specs
Resolution 1920 X 1080 (not windowed).
Most high res 16:9 should work, but anything freeform or windowed will likely fail (UI-wise). Credits
All work produced by m...

The Week of Awesome IV > Day 6 - Where grown men break...

Posted 14 August 2016

We're running to the finish line here, and there's still so much to do...
I've managed to put together a version for anyone generous enough to give it a spin!
Game Demo  Known issues:
- Always run a 16x9 resolution for this build.
- Do NOT used the escape cheat. It worked for everything up until I implemented the end of game (the game will still work...