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Opiniocracy > On E-Sport: Pro-Gaming the most Engaging JOB in the world?

Posted 09 November 2015

Whether you like it or not, E-Sport has been rising steadily for the past 5+ years and has shown no sign of decline. Experts have studied long and hard the sources and effects of this phenomenon and it feels like everything has already been said and done...
In the past few weeks, I've taken a step back from this to consider this from a more personal angle...

The Week of Awesome III > 2D Port

Posted 28 August 2015

So, I was really looking forward to export to WebGL, but it appears they call it a Beta for a reason!
Turns out Unity's WebGL exporter is not where it needs to be just yet, so I'll give this one a pass, for now.

That being said, here's something that's been lurking in the back of my mind for a bit.
At the end of WoA II, I had realized that my idea would'...

The Week of Awesome III > WebGL Port

Posted 24 August 2015

The thought of preserving my participation to this year's Week of Awesome (III) led me to investigate the new Unity 5 exporter to WebGL.
My goal here is to try to port the game to WebGL and upload on a platform such as Kongregate to see how easily it can be achieved (and if at all lucky, make 25$ off ads woot woot!).

I've tried the exporter, fixing a fe...

The Week of Awesome III > Post-Mortem on "Death is Useful"

Posted 18 August 2015

About the game

"Death is Useful by Orymus" is a game developed exclusively for "the Week of Awesome III" gamejam event (#gdnjam).

The player is prompted to play as a nameless protagonist (sphere) and survive an onslaught of enemies (cubes) which are trying to push the player off a shrinking platform. By pushing opponents out of the platform, the player...

The Week of Awesome III > Day 5 - The End

Posted 14 August 2015

Day 5 Goals
[s]- Find a simple [s]solution to avoid Purple overcrowding
[s]- Package the build and test it under various conditions to insure judges are able to play it!

I ended up finding a solution for the Purple overcrowding, but it was nowhere near simple. There's now a system in place to gauge difficulty in the game and I'm happy on how...