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In Topic: Week of Awesome IV - The after party/judging thread

Today, 04:54 PM

Thanks Josh.
For the record, I did put a playthrough video in my journal. The game is a bit on the hard side I'll admit but you instinct was good: it is critical to do the evolutions as early as possible.
Throughout dev I've playtested according to 3 different opening strategies to insure the game was balanced and all of them rely heavily on getting a ruin evolution stage in place.
The temple ruins can help you build an economy and focus on your defenses whereas the mundane ruins require Prometheus to shield the front longer to farm bones but grant early access to homing towers which can really work great.
Obviously, the most efficient strategy (hard to sustain early game) is to go straight to fire.

One of the key uses of pushing is getting your fire ruins onto the shades (that shadowlike enemy) as they are impervious to all other attacks and can really wreck your defense (they go straight for temple or idol if you dont have fires)

In Topic: Week of Awesome IV - The after party/judging thread

Today, 10:57 AM

I'm very pleased with the scoring our game got! I'm also very satisfied with the amount we were able to accomplish, and don't think I could've pulled off much better.

While we only got 7th place, it's obvious that our game wasn't scored badly (we got excellent scores), just that other competitors' games were slightly better.


Next year I'll know where to invest more effort: sabotage.  :lol:


Thanks for the enjoyable competition, slicer, and thanks for the judging effort, monsieur judges!

Having judged last year, I know that judging can be just as exhausting as actually competing.


I liked your game. I just felt it was a bit short and didn't end up with enough content for me to fully understand its entire potential. The core mechanics seem like they could do more, and the level (somewhat linear) felt a bit rushed and I would've loved to see this in a more expanded universe.

In other words, keep doing what it is you do! :P

In Topic: Week of Awesome IV - The after party/judging thread

Today, 10:33 AM

Gratz all!
Thanks Judges, I know this is painful at times :)
4th... again... and only because slicer stepped down argh!
Next year I'll make top 3 :P

In Topic: Week of Awesome IV - The after party/judging thread

Today, 07:46 AM

So... what's the plan then?

In Topic: Does anyone have any advice for my unique situation?

Yesterday, 03:34 PM

So I'm not clear, is the game done or not?

Are you polishing the game or the design?


If you DO have something to show, then let's show it.

If you only have ideas on papers (20 years worth of ideas) then that must be quite a lengthy and convoluted document to read. Because K.I.S.S. tends to win every argument, I'd be surprised anyone would have the patience of reading this document to begin with. Most likely, you need to find a better medium to communicate your ideas than a GDD.