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In Topic: Is the Asgardia project viable?

18 October 2016 - 08:47 PM

I'm still trying to assess whether the core fundamental of this nation is even possible.

It's one thing to have great ideals, and quite a different one to sit at the United Nations as an actual nation and leverage influence with other nations that have everyone guarantee the sovereignty of space (demilitarization, etc.)

In Topic: Team makeup

18 October 2016 - 07:46 PM

10 artists, 3 managers, 2 coders, 1 writer, 1 sound guy,   or

That's a bit art-heavy tbh.
A 'working team' unit would likely be something along these lines:
1 Producer / Project Manager
1 Coordinator / Assistant Producer / Assistant Project Manager
1 Art Director (at this scale, most likely produces work)
4-5 Artists (spread across disciplines such as 2D, 2D animation, 3D, 3D animation, UI, and any overlap being key/desirable)
2-3 Programmers (3 if the platform requires it, or if the game is relies on a server infrastructure (read: multiplayer))
1 Writer (wouldn't personally have the writer onboard)
1 Sound 'guy' (assuming he does the integration as well)
1-2 Game/Level designer(s)
1 UX Designer (Assuming the UI artist is just an artist, though would favor a multi-talented designer, or would consider assigning some of the wireframing work to the game designer if able)
1 PR/Marketing/Bizdev guy (could also take care of community management for a game while the team is building up).
One of these would likely double up as a CEO, which would add some business/legal duties which could require an extra pair of hands (most likely the PR/Marketing guy while the team is just getting started, and later, a dedicated person)
That's my 14-18 ideal team. Of course, my REAL ideal team is 4-5 people at most...

In Topic: In-Game Easy Feedbacks

14 October 2016 - 02:08 PM

2 more basic examples I've seen.


1) Flicker: Think of when megaman gets hit. In addition to his reelback sprite image and a hit-sound, he flickers (rapidly switches from fully visible to fully transparent). It's another visual queue to indicate you're in hit-stun.


2) Button glow: An alternative to the bounce animation you listed. The button doesn't move, but instead has a glow around it indicating it's ready. (this may be tougher to implement depending on how well you want to exemplify the glow effect).


Here's an over-the-top flashy example:

Use an after-image effect to show high speed movement!




I actually used that in an arcade spaceship prototype after watching a Castlevania: SOTN speedrun and it does an amazing job at showcasing rapid movement without actually making movement any faster. 


Great additions, Thanks!

In Topic: Trafic And Activity To The Forums Are Lower?

11 October 2016 - 07:25 AM

Not sure what's up tbh, but I've been getting a lot more traction than usual with my business, hence the low replies count. Certainly haven't forgotten my roots!

In Topic: Trafic And Activity To The Forums Are Lower?

10 October 2016 - 06:27 PM

Sorry I haven't posted much the past 2 months. Got you worried? :P