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In Topic: What constitutes the MVP, When are you ready to release?

Yesterday, 07:53 PM

I think holding back too much can be a problem, particularly on the mobile marketplace.

With  the ap store and google play featuring you mostly on day 1 (this is the highest traffic peak you'll ever reach, most likely), if your product lacks core features, it can be a big problem.

This is very different than the PC scene where platforms such as Steam encourage you to do early access programs and even go as far as allowing you to make an actual release later down the road to squeeze as much exposure as you possibly can.


I think adding levels later is fine, but as far as your core experience is concerned, it should have all of the features you are sure about already in the product before release.

In Topic: Weapon Mechanics - Feedback Appreciated

Yesterday, 07:49 PM

Essentially, I think making the daggers larger in scale would solve this issue (it would both increase the visual size and the hitbox I'm assuming?).

I've found several instances where firing repeatedly at the same spot still allowed a few ninjas through between two hits.

One way to assess that is to allow the user to fire daggers even faster, but it wouldn't make for much of a fun game if this is just a spam-o-thon.

The alternative is insuring that a player that spams an area gets to hit what he's firing at (at the cost of closing on the forced cooldown).


That's the only instance I felt cheated in the latest build, and I think making the dagger larger with corresponding hitbox would help resolve that (essentially leaving no dead zone between two successive dagger throws).

What do you think?

In Topic: How to make use of Gamepad controls instead Arrow Keys in Unity?

Yesterday, 04:33 PM

I believe you also have the ability to simulate a 'button press' (boolean-like) interpretation of the input instead of taking the raw input (between -1 and 1 float)
Dont remember how unfortunately.
Frob, do you know the name of that option?
I remember it was in the hour and a half session hosted in Unity tutorials regarding inputs...

In Topic: Indie game developers getting screwed by PAX?

Yesterday, 04:31 PM

Didnt want to be the skeptic* but figured that could be the case.
Double accounts are still prohibited right?

In Topic: Indie game developers getting screwed by PAX?

Yesterday, 01:24 PM

Well it's under a different account at least, so I'm going to assume the OP is *NOT* the author.