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#5198528 0 experience in programming and game development

Posted by Orymus3 on 16 December 2014 - 07:53 AM

Making games is nothing like playing them.


I fully agree.


I really do.


That being said, playing games can help provided you approach them with the right mindset. For example, someone playing the min/max approach could end up with decent game balancing skills. I found, however, that very few activities in playing games really help you with understanding programming.


So you are bad at drawing, but somehow like animation and modeling?: Get better at drawing. And by that I mean, draw a lot, get peers to review your work, see how you can improve. 

The visual arts is a viable way into game development, and from the above, it is probably a better approach for you than programming.

#5198331 TBS PC Grid Movement Control Configurations

Posted by Orymus3 on 15 December 2014 - 09:13 AM

Could you use the mouse to hold and drag the path across? (similar to method 1, but allows you to define a path)

Method #2 is too tedious (too many clicks) but holding a button is not nearly as complex.

A number of games have used such an approach, although, often as a puzzle-game on a hexgrid. Still, it would meet all the objectives I believe.

#5198329 Displaying fleets on the galactic map (warp)

Posted by Orymus3 on 15 December 2014 - 09:08 AM

I like the way Fragile Allegiance shows ships and fleets ( small triangle for ships, large triangle for fleets) , and fleets orbit around planet if stationary. So I might suggest a notation of something like


I'll have to go with your approach. Very intuitive. thrumps my suggestion in every way ;)

#5196619 Can this RPG mechanic work?

Posted by Orymus3 on 06 December 2014 - 08:55 AM

A mockup would be helpful. What I see is a lot of words, but it leaves a lot to interpretation sadly.

Halfway through your OP I was almost certain I knew what it was to be like and it looked like another game I've played, but the rest of the post somehow contradicted that understanding.

Never underestimate the power of mock-ups (even as greyboxes).

#5195752 Started working on my 4X Emperor game thing :)

Posted by Orymus3 on 01 December 2014 - 12:26 PM

(I even studied Human Resources, so I might be biased here I suppose)


That explains a LOT now :)


Governors have 3 stats: competence (how good they are at being governor - it benefits the planet), loyalty (how much they love the Emperor and how willing they are to betray him upon a rebelion/coup/etc), corruption (it affects the whole empire at a global level, the average corruption of all your officials determines the corruption level in the empire - it might affect various things like: taxes, how easily rebels could buy illegal weapons, population happines, justice).


Might be entitled its own thread? right now, I'd have a hard time circling back to this conversation based on the thread's title?

#5195445 Fleets (as formations)

Posted by Orymus3 on 29 November 2014 - 11:34 PM

I was thinking, maybe in the shipyard add an option to "build 5 battlecruisers and assign to fleet X"? So, where these will be transfered after completion could be decided (and changed) upon ordering the batch of ships (which makes sense since you usually already know where you want to assign these if you order building these) or after completion (simple: "build 5 battlecruisers and move to reserve" after which you can manually transfer to desired fleet).
I really need to implement these very soon, so if you have something to add, do it now


Just wondering. How does the process of these ships being added to a fleet actually works? Is it abstracted with a time indicator (how long before it reaches said fleet)? Do these ships actually travel to the fleet?

#5194986 London GameCraft 2014! Free all-day gamejam at Skills Matter, London

Posted by Orymus3 on 27 November 2014 - 09:16 AM

So how would you monitor whether people were bringing in re built assests?


Game jams are often a lot about good sportsmanship. I don't think someone really benefits from "winning by cheating". Game jams are social events to meet new people, and a means to give yourself a challenge. If you don' t feel it matters whether you lie to others, then I think it still matters that you end up lying to yourself. I wouldn't see the point in cheating in a game jam, personally.

#5194984 Game/Level Design, Balancing, Production (Management)

Posted by Orymus3 on 27 November 2014 - 09:14 AM

I've revised part 1 just now and added a few additional examples. I did not want to go too in-depth because I had hoped to cover these elements when my article series would reach these games. For example, Warhammer 40k and Ground Control shook some of the foundations of the genre and these are things I intend to discuss further. Upselling these concepts hastily in the first article could introduce a lot of confusion (unfinished thoughts to remain in-scope of the article) and might diminish the need to discuss of something which, I believe, is entitled a lot more "space".


That being said, I think I've made a few of the concepts clearer (IF you are familiar with these games). Otherwise, an eventualy part 3 should help tie some of the loose ends (more than 1 game would be covered) and possibly a part 4, if several questions arise.


I have yet to polish part 2 however, though it is live currently.

#5194964 Want to get the barebones of a Trading Card Game running but need some help i...

Posted by Orymus3 on 27 November 2014 - 07:19 AM

I just want to make the project and who knows one day pitch it if it gets enough positive feedback once its in playable fashion.


That wouldn't spare you from a cease and desist. It is not a question of whether you are turning up a profit with a shippable game, it is that you are using their brand, their company's image, for your own gain. They have not approved of this treatment, and it could do harm to their company's outlook. Imagine they have a "we'll never do a TCG ever" policy, and somebody stumbles across this post. They will get confused, because they don't necessarily know you're not with DC. 


In other words, you should seriously consider swapping out all art assets asap.


(FYI: I'm not with DC).

#5194829 2D Scrolling Space Shooter vs Grid Based Space Shooter

Posted by Orymus3 on 26 November 2014 - 02:42 PM

I'm not sure I understand what you refer to as grid-based and side-scrolling space shooters.

Could you provide a few extra examples?

#5194490 Started working on my 4X Emperor game thing :)

Posted by Orymus3 on 24 November 2014 - 03:43 PM

While I do not believe Acharis will post less it will undoubtedly interesting to see how posts change from theoretical to practical (possibly with screenshots) as per his previous project.
I, for one, care much more about applieddesign than ideas.

Also Unduli, I too am a micro-manager type of player so I can relate to your concern. There is however an undeniable crowd out there for soft 4x games so long as it is wrapped in a fun package.
Focusing on single player anf assymetry give this concept some appeal, particularly the Ai that Acharis discussed in another thread which exists moreso than it tries to win.
It puts the player in a game where they try to win but the enemy isn't like an opponent at chess, rather he is an obstacle.
There is a lot to be said of situations that arise when two players have fairly different goals (think of risk with its missions system for example) and I am curious what will come out of this.

This game smells of indie and risk and is not something large publishers would necessarily undertake given the risk involved, and it could lead to an interesting blend.

Hopefully my pep talk is boosting Acharis' will to get this done by now!
Afterall it will be interesting to know my nemesis is devving his 4x game at the same time I am if only to entertain a friendly and self motivating competition!

#5194413 Started working on my 4X Emperor game thing :)

Posted by Orymus3 on 24 November 2014 - 08:14 AM

First and foremost: Congratz Acharis. I couldn't wait for you to get started on this!

I'd also like to congratulate you on your approach. You've demonstrated a keen understanding of several principles of development and have been "ramping" project difficulty rather carefully up to now. Even your "4X game" looks like it will be sufficient simplified to make it a sustainable project (especially as a single player-only experience). So, congratulations are in order here.


With that being said...


- Sell via Humbe Store widget + GOG + Steam


I've had some traction/success using indieDB which I believe you are familiar with. It never hurts to get a constant stream of "free views" and a general landing area for people to view where you're at.


On that note, I'd also like to suggest you make a gamedev dev journal if this isn't already part of your plan.


- Budget (time) below 1 year


How much of this is put towards marketing your actual game? Or is this all a "make a kickass prototype and go to crowdfunding"?

Having an idea of how budget will get spent on day 1 is critical. You don't need to stick to the plan at all costs, but it should help you keep enough to finish and ship whatever you've set out to do.




- make a rough version with all core features ASAP (what's new here )


How do you envision your MVP currently? It's easy to say "all core features" but it implies you have a very good understanding of what is core, and chances are, that definition will evolve as well depending on the results you get as you develop it. It is worth taking the time and writing this down, multiple times, as you move forward. It forces you to focus and choose. It's not enough to "think you know". 





#5193639 [4X space] Research (discussion)

Posted by Orymus3 on 19 November 2014 - 11:52 AM

You'd discover items or encounter events that would unlock research topics each topic had a cost in the six different science fields. Once you paid that cost it would take a period of time before you received the results of the research.


I've always had an appeal for a system where there is a "cause for breakthroughs".

Such, a lot of empirical research can be ongoing on relatively mundane topics, but most of the breakthroughs origin from "odd discoveries" such as: we have a mutant, or stellar samples have been recovered, etc. Science gets boosted by discoveries as even the smallest thing can put a new perspective on everything we already have and we think of new tests to do on things we thought we knew etc.


So, finding traces of long gone civilizations should probably improve scientific progress by quite a margin.


Since your game is single player, and greatly asymmetrical, why not introduce such physical components on some of the planets? Finding ruins from older species and researching them might net you some advantage. Perhaps tying these unique researches to specific objects in the map so that some (many, if not all) techs can only be researched once their object has been found and researched. Would also prevent from having to deal with scientists constantly falling idle: instead, they're always assumed to be "working", but can research particular objects in hope that there's more to learn from them.


One implementation of such a system could be as follows:

Your team can only research one item at any given time. That item yields science pts (undisclosed amount). That amount reduces as technologies from this item are discovered, but science pts can still be used to progress towards more general technologies (improving engines, etc.)




"Broke Rune of Ku'lak"

Gives 100 science pts per turn investigated.

Unique tech 1 - 1000 pts: Morale +5% empire wide "The teachings of Ku'lak" (from here on, this artifact yield only 80 pts/turns)

Unique tech 2 - 3000 pts: Morale +10% empire wide "The covenant of Ku'lak" (from here on, this artifact yield only 60 pts/turns)

Unique tech 3 - 5000 pts: Morale + 15% empire wide, resist riots + 10% "Ku'lak's reign" (from here on, this artifact yield only 30 pts/turns)


Progress towards unlocking these techs is only accounted for while this item is selected. 

Any points given by this artifact also translates to all other mundane techs being researched.


All mundane techs could be concurrent but have variable costs. Since progress towards each tech is measured by the same points, you can have some techs cost more or less depending on the order you want them unlocked, but some artifacts could mess up with that.


For example:


Engines I (1000 pts) Speed + 5%

Engines II (2000 pts) Speed + 10%

Warp-Drives (3000 pts) Fuel Cost - 10%


An artifact could have Warp-Drive as one of its "unique techs" meaning progress towards its realization might be twice as fast, meaning that having such an artifact in-hand would insure you can get Warp-Drives unlocked before Engines II


(focusing on techs would then become irrelevant)


Just a few random thoughts, of course.

#5192658 Fleets (as formations)

Posted by Orymus3 on 13 November 2014 - 09:05 AM

Actual, I prefer fleet template but I may not have the whole picture here...

#5192339 Gameplay and Balance Design between a mage and a warrior

Posted by Orymus3 on 11 November 2014 - 07:29 PM

try prototyping it instead



Also, there's more to theoretical balancing than how you've presented it.

I actually make a living lining up numbers to make them balance in the context of a game and it is never that straightforward.

The more subtle the balance, the better the game.