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Your Announcements vs Indie Projects (Awesomesauce)

Yesterday, 11:58 AM

I'm wondering...

Does the "Indie Projects" (Awesomesauce) really need to be a global board? Couldn't it be a sub-board from your announcements perhaps?

I get the feeling that the dev journals are taking the bulk of the posts that would belong in that forums eitherway...


I may be wrong, obviously.

All of the Week of Awesome II Games here!

Yesterday, 11:55 AM

Hi folks,


In case you've been avoiding the lounge recently, here are all of the games that have been developed by GDNet members for the Week of Awesome II jam!




All free. All fun. Enjoy!

Advocating "Niche" market targetting

24 September 2014 - 02:49 PM



Just stumbled accross PlanetsCon, a very small event to celebrate a game known as Planets Nu (which itself is a remake from a game that was popular in play-by-mail during the mid/late 90s).


Joshua Perina, principal at Geographical Media Inc was the guest spokesman of the event (and creator of the game). He revealed interesting numbers that I thought I'd share.


I believe that a number of developers have this understanding that building a "good game" is what's important, but business often gets in the way and demands a larger target audience (that's how we generally end up with AAA or Farmville type social games).


It turns out that Planets Nu is actually profitable despite having no more than 1500 Monthly Active users.

Its only monetization is an optional subscription of 3$, without which you're mildly restricted (except in higher level competition matches).


As it turns out, the game became quite popular & profitable despite a failed kickstarter attempt in 2012:



That's refreshing news for an indie that believes in Gameplay first!

How a successful indie feels alienated in commercial game development...

15 September 2014 - 08:16 AM



Interesting read. Surely, there will be more to follow on that train of thought (Notch has expressed the need to explain his motivations more in-depth), but it goes to say how fundamentally different indie game development is from the industry.


Food for thought!

Alternative to Paypal

09 September 2014 - 06:10 AM



I'm currently "shopping for" an alternative to Paypal. I've been consistently disappointed with Paypal as of late, and several business relations of mine have nudged me to certain competitors (WePay, Amazon payments, etc.)


I'm wondering how "widespread" paypal really is, and how much trouble it would be moving away from it.

I currently deal almost exclusively with freelancers and small business owners and I fear that most of them rely upon Paypal, which would make it challenging to process payments with them (both ways).


What's your experience?

Do you know of any payment processing service that has a lot of traction? Any of them actually tolerate paypal as a valid target for payments/invoices?