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Zelda ALTTP games?

18 August 2014 - 01:20 PM

Hey folks,


I'm looking for games similar to Zelda A Link to the Past (bird's eye view of an action/adventure (rpg?) game that uses 'tools' the player amasses in a somewhat open world).


Anyone played a good one recently? I'm seeing a lot of indie titles but nothing sticks so far...

You're a witch/demon hunter/slayer. You're likely to carry...

17 August 2014 - 05:26 PM

I'm currently toying with a playable character that has a background in with/demon hunting and slaying.

I'm wondering what gameplay 'tool' he should have at his disposal that is both fun and on-theme.


So far, I've worked along the lines of figuring out what he's likely to hunt, and bring a tool that somehow works for that, but I find out that the hunter is not likely to know what he's hunting for so that he should have some versatile tools with him so as to avoid overburden.


Versatile tools I've figured so far:

- Silver dagger / stake

- Holy Water flask

- Torch (light source, can be throw for distant light source, can burn nearby enemies susceptible to burning (such as a troll for example))

- ...


I'm falling short of anything exciting this far.


Any suggestion?

'Forfeiting' design decision for flexibility?

11 August 2014 - 08:28 AM

I've come up (yet again) across this issue where I need to define a set of finite 'resources' in an non-finite environment that has expansion plans.



In a tactical 2D turn-based combat skirmish game, I need to determine damage 'types' (piercing, slashing, fire, etc.)

Every 'unit' I will add later down the road will be limited by these damage types.

I'm trying to find a good fit by keeping things simple, but I can't help thinking I'm inevitably closing doors on a better solution.


I'm not looking for suggestions on what the damage types should be (I already have a pretty good fit), rather, I'm looking for an alternate system.


Creating damage types on-the-fly is no solution either because, earlier content will find itself unable to properly ward itself against these new damage types and revisiting earlier content will be impossible (as there is a physical component to the game).


In essence, it feels like the way Mark Rosewater explains why a game such as Magic the Gathering can never have a 6th color, because of the conscious decision to make 5 colors a finite reality. I'm wondering if I can forfeit making this design decision to keep my design more flexibility.


Have you faced similar challenges? How have / would you address this?

UI "Draggable Components" question

14 July 2014 - 09:11 AM



I'm currently making a UI system for my project, but it is the first time I work with more "advanced' UI concepts.

Currently, my system uses two different entities:


- draggable components (objects I can drag around which will return to their original position on release unless they are over an interactiveComponent).


- interactive components (essentially data holders which will detect that a draggable component has been released over them.


The interactive components work flawlessly (and I am proud/surprised!)


The draggable components on the other hand work almost perfectly except:


my onMouseMove() references the mouse coordinates in such a way that the movement works until the draggable component passes over an object that was drawn after on the stage. What this means is that I have say, a grid of 3X3 objects (draggable components) and I try to drag any of the leftmost ones to the right: I can't because they need to move over other objects.


I believe the problem with my implementation is that the onMouseMove will cease to trigger if there is an object between itself and the mouse (anything "above it"). I'm struggling finding a way to make the draggableObject (currently being dragged) always the topmost item to circumvent this issue.


I'm using DartLang API / StageXL framework which is roughly similar to AS3 except it outputs as HTML5.


Can anyone let me know where I've gone wrong?



Closing the loop: player death in a schmup?

13 July 2014 - 05:16 AM

Hi folks
I am currently working on a schmup that works in an episodic format much similar to Raptor: call of the shadows (inventory persistence, etc.)
My original intent was to have permadeath: if you die in a mission, you lose all progress.

Now I am thinking this is a bit harsh and that unless I autosave progress, players would just rollback their save.

Any idea how I should handle death? perhaps some form of handicap (damaged ship that needs repairs?)