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Another Math problem

23 September 2006 - 03:00 PM

Ok. I was able to figure this one out, but it took me like 15 minutes. I've been pulling these out of a general aptitude testing book. To help my wife with her studying. A boy bought some marbles for 36 cents. He lost three of them and sold the 1/3 of the reminder at cost for 9 cents. How many marbles did he buy originally? If you get this would you have consider it an easy question to answer? btw if you want the answer I will post it up later.

Trying to help my wife with an job interview aptitude test.

23 September 2006 - 12:11 PM

I'm trying to help my wife with a math problem and I couldn't figure out the solution. It been a long time since I've done this type a math and it's bothering me that I can't solve it. I don't have the question in front of me right now, but basically it goes like this: Someone wants to know how long it would take to fill up a tank a water. If you turn on the valve to fill the tank of water it takes 6 hours to fill an empty. If you turn on the valve to empty a tank, it take 10 hours to empty a full tank. How long would it take to fill up a tank of water if both valve to filled the tank and emptied the takes were both open. The answers says it takes 15hrs, but I want to know how they solve the problem. Know what I mean? So far all i can figure out is: let x represent how long it would take to fill the water tank when empty let y represent how long it would take to empty the water tank when full x + y = 16hrs - the time to both empty and filled the tank. I can't figure out the second equation, but I think it goes something like 1/6x - 1/10y = t am I even on the right track? BTW I haven't been in school for over ten years, so this isn't some kind of homework for me. So I don't have any teacher around to help me out, but some of you guy are pretty darn smart. Just like a teacher I know you can help me out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I'm feeling ripped off

18 March 2006 - 04:25 PM

I purchased this product http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?Sku=ULT31664 back in Jan 6,2006. I have had no problem with the ram, but I have yet to received my rebate(for $40 CDN). The reason I bought this product is because I thought I was getting a great deal on it. When I was tracking my rebate at OnRebate.com. The site reported that I had not sent the invoice part of the report which of course is a lie. I followed every instruction to the details(which of course is pretty complicated, but I double checked everything I sent in the mail) My biggest problem with this whole thing is if they said I was missing something why didn't they contact me via email. So then I dicide to send than email to them asking why I have not recieve a rebate or an email about this matter. Then I waited for a response and never ever received an email back from them. So after waiting another couple of weeks I go and check my rebate status again and the link for my rebate no longer exist. So what I am I suppose to do now? I feel so ripped off.
This was the review I left at tigerdirect.ca. When I posted the message I notice that it didn't go to the site right away and is still not there. Does this mean they edit there reviews? The Tiger site claims that all rebates are guaranteed. I'm I the only one that that has gone throught this experience with tigerdirect? I also sent a copy of this to the Ultra support site. I hope they don't decide to ignore my email too.

wide angle display

22 July 2004 - 01:40 PM

I have a dual output video card, but I'm hoping there is alternative from just sticking two monitor side by side. I just can't stand the sight of how they look. Instead I would like to know if there are any kind of monitors that have a width double the standard svga viewing area and will accept two svga inputs. I'm I making any sense to anybody here? I've search for a couple hours already on google and yahoo. So far I've seen some stuff about uxga and wuxga, but I don't think exactly what I'm looking for. I thought I ask here. Since if anybody knew about something like this it would be you guys. Any comments are welcome, Thanks