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Just Let It Trickle > What Makes A Genius? Intelligent Qube’s IQ Algorithm

Posted 12 August 2015

When I play games I don’t really play anything new. Heck, the last game I bought as it was released was Final Fantasy X, the original version.

The one game I do play and perhaps play too much, is Intelligent Qube (or Kurushi since I’m a contrary European) on the PS1. I usually speedrun it, but then I found a high score for the game on Twin Galaxies of 1,...

Just Let It Trickle > Plug in to CL’s Kitchen

Posted 25 January 2013

It's well known that Visual Studio's C compiler hasn't progressed much beyond C89, save for things like variadic macros. What might not be quite as well known is that to rectify this a bit, somebody created a C99 to C89 converter . A decent tool to be sure, but it doesn't integrate well into Visual Studio. Being a seperate program means you have to fudge...

Just Let It Trickle > Dropping Like Files - Zipping Without Libraries on Windows

Posted 17 October 2012

If you haven't been living under a rock (or in a non-Windows world) you'll know that since XP, Windows has had zip file extraction and creation. You may also know that what it doesn't have, is a defined API so us normals can leverage it programmatically. But there are ways and means.

Think about it, the usual way you'd interact with zip...

Just Let It Trickle > Things Up Microsoft's Sleeve - Console Graphics

Posted 08 October 2012

CreateConsoleScreenBuffer, what a fabulous function. You ask it nicely, and it gives you as many 'console window content' buffers as you want. With the other supporting functions it's everything you need for a AAA game (ascii-art-animation natch). But backup a minute...

Just Let It Trickle > WindowWatcher is Here

Posted 21 June 2012

Way back in the mysts o' tyme I told a tale of a little picture-in-picture / interactive zoom tool I was working on. Well, a whole year and 4 months later I got round to fixing the buggy bits and...