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In Topic: Running Shardless

03 August 2010 - 07:43 AM

There are supposedly over 300K subscribers, and I regularly see over 50,000 users online on EVE at any one time.

They used to have epic fights with 1000 vs 1000, but in the last year or so they have had major issues, and currently lag is so bad, that people have difficulty with anything over 40 vs 40.

Major discontent on their forums at the moment, and the developer CCP is more interested in making the game more like WoW (adding avatars that walk around, rather than just ships that fly around) than fixing all the current issues (although that isn't to say they aren't trying at all, it's just they haven't made any progress, and in fact the last expansion seems to have made things worse, not better).

In Topic: World Cup 2010

11 June 2010 - 06:53 AM

I will be trying to follow England, will be tough with most of the matches in the world cup being when I am at work.

I tried following the south africa game via ESPN3 live world cup streaming and I got 1 frame every 20 minutes, was thrilling let me tell you when the next frame appeared!

Will be needing to clear my DVR to make room for as many matches as possible.

In Topic: C4 Game Engine

17 May 2010 - 09:23 AM

I have used the C4 Game Engine since version 146.

It is not possible to use GLSL or Cg. You cannot create your own shaders, you must use the C4 Editor to create your shaders using a visual editor.

I have been waiting for C4 to hit 2.0 for longer than I can remember, and last I checked it still hadn't reached beta.

If you buy a license now, you might still be able to get free updates for life, although thats changing with the release of 2.0 to needing to buy yearly update license. There will also be a cheaper basic edition if you don't need source code.

You can check out the C4 demo to see if its worth getting. Although it sounds like the engine will get much better once 2.1 is released.

In Topic: Reserved and gentlemanly UK elections thread (tea and crumpets inside)

12 May 2010 - 10:31 AM

Original post by superpig
Yes, this annoys me too. Cameron's talked about "Broken Britain", but I'm sitting here in my house with heat and water and electricity and high-speed internet, and it's safe to go onto the streets outside, and if I had to call an ambulance it'd be here in a few minutes. It doesn't seem all that broken to me.

As someone who left the country due to no longer being able to put up with how broken it was, I would like to respond to this.

I was getting paid an average wage, working for a government department, even though I could have got paid 10K more in private industry. People keep calling the government bloated and theres continually calls for removing government employees, yet having working for 3 different government agencies, I was always in a team that was understaffed and overworked, and where consultants would have to be hired at huge costs to make up for the lack of people.

House prices have risen exponentially since Labour got in power. This has been great for the middle class. This has destroyed the hopes of anyone who ever wanted to buy a house but hadn't yet done so.

The average price of a house in Bath was 225K when I was looking for somewhere to live, and I could afford a mortgage of 4 times my salary at 100K. Unfortunately I couldn't even find a 1 bedroom apartment for that much, so I ended up having to rent a house 50 minutes away and even then I struggled every single month to pay rent and council tax.

Council tax has been increasing so much, that the government had to put caps on it. Yet I rarely saw it put to good use, usually it was used to fill up icelandic banks and we all know how that turned out.

TV license got so expensive I could no longer afford to pay it, and sold my TV to help pay for petrol for a couple of months, although even then it didn't last long what with the cost of petrol and the extra tax added.

Benefits have increased, and fraud with them has increased. More and more I heard people boasting they were working and claiming, so they could afford to buy the latest gadgets.

I could no longer bare to live in such a broken country, so I moved to the US. I do the same job, I get paid a lot more now, I get a much much better quality of life, I am able to afford to buy a house in a good area near where I work, all things that were never going to be possible in the UK under a Labour government.

I really hope Lib Dems and Conservatives can both make comprises and the UK ends up becoming a place I would be able to live again.

In Topic: Website monitoring service that doesn't suck?

28 April 2010 - 04:35 AM

We use hobbit for internal monitoring and atwatch for external monitoring, they both work really well.