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#4603349 Finding the Best Economic System--Any tips?

Posted by on 13 February 2010 - 02:29 PM

Some ideas for resource sinks:
Actual prices may vary due to wars and other events :)
All topics can be seen as gameplay elements, to make game more living place.

1. Caravans
Distance to resource increases cost.
Delivery of items takes some time.
Caravans can be robbed.

2. Limited information
Not all information is available. (Distance & Guild membership)
Some info might be bogus.
Information costs money.

3. Multi currency economy
Price of money is not constant.
If one currency has hyperinflation, players can switch to other currencies.
If one citys currency becomes unstabel, then it`s exchange rate drops.
Not all currencies can be used in all transactions (limited by law or seller)

4. Storage costs (10 000 tons of grain takes lot of space)
Pay of guards on guarded storege house.
Upkeep of storage building.
Storages can be damaged (fire, water, cold etc...)

5. Insurance costs
80% of losts due accidents are covered, for 10% cost of goods.
One more reason for guilds to exist.

6. Nobody can create monopoly of common resources.
Try to monopolise water/air, and you have lot`s of criminals & rebels.
Give players ways to rob others & give players ways to protect assets.
(at some pont hireing more guards becomes more costly than having some assets robbed)

7. Be mean!
Some player comes whining: "I have bean robbed, I`s unfair!!!".
Time to send King`s tax collectors to that players shop.
Or create bogus message on thieves guild.
Or create mystic bad publicity campaing on product of that shop.
Why this works.
It might be not so much fun for player, but most of players don`t want to "lose"
in game where there is no gameover, but instead try harder.
Some loosers take insults badly and start to bug other players, but if player killing & reputation info & warrants are part of game, it will stop shortly.
(And if you wan`t to play role of azzhole, then it`s possible, but don`t expect that you will make lot`s of friends!) (Hay, look it`s that *** idiot, let`s beat him for fun! (and guards did not come to help))