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Journal Entries

GameDev.net Staff Journal > What I'm up to

Posted 24 April 2013

Forgive the lateness of my reply http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png Actually, I'm here to give y'all an update as to what I'm doing regarding gamedev lately. Since the release of the Gamedev Collection  series (still available at Amazon, go get them now), I have been doing very little (and by that I mean no) billable work...

The Code Zone Bargain Basement Blog > More Windows 8 Fun

Posted 30 November 2012

(hmm, for some reason the RSS importer from http://thecodezone.blogspot.com is borked, so I'm going the old fashioned way, with cut-n-paste)

Well at some point a couple of weeks ago the hard drive in my Main Development Box decided that booting to an OS was no longer necessary. And it chose to do so right in...

The Code Zone Bargain Basement Blog > Great freebie deal

Posted 25 September 2012

Oh but I have a good freebie that's coming up in a couple of days. I was going to post this as a gamedev.net front-page news item, but it appears that our news-feed is entirely scraped from other sources now (which is just fine with me), so I'm posting this as a blog item. Feel free to upvote it on that front page tab so everybody sees it.


The Code Zone Bargain Basement Blog > Changes to Mac versions

Posted 06 March 2012

This is a long-needed change to the Mac versions of my games. In the past, my Mac games worked on both the old PowerPC-based Macs as well as the newer Intel ones. Well, now the PowerPC Macs have graduated from "old" to "ancient", and Apple has been gently nudging developers into working only with newer releases.

And that extends to the...

The Code Zone Bargain Basement Blog > The simple solutions sometimes

Posted 10 February 2012

Tech support tip for independent game developers selling game downloads

Gmail is a GREAT tech support tool.

I've been selling downloadable games on my website since 2007. And in those years I've had plenty (and by plenty I mean hundreds) of emails to support@thecodezone.com from people who need help. 99% of the emails fall into two...